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5 tips for you to survive a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships are unhappier?

I mean, does happiness in a relationship have anything to do with closeness? I bet not. Couples who have a spatially close relationship may face a lot of challenges as well. For example, privacy can become an issue; the everyday routine together can bring boredom; coexistence can undermine the magic of the relationship.

A long-distance relationship, on the other hand, can make the time spent with each other way more exciting; bring more traveling opportunities, and help the couples to communicate better.

But one thing is true: long-distance relationships require commitment from the partners. Both of them have to be on the same page to make it work. So here are some tips for you who are willing to embark on this adventure.

#1: Trust

Love alone doesn’t build a relationship. A relationship must grow and prosper, whether partners are near or far away. Moreover, mutual trust is an added value and mistrust is the end of the song. If you maintain a long-distance relationship, you have to keep your jealousy in check and trust your partner. If you give each other the feeling of closeness and security, the distance won’t mean a thing.

A man using a laptop to communicate in a long-distance relationship

#2: Work on your jealousy

Have you ever thought that jealousy tells much more about you than about your partner? Jealousy has a lot to do with low self-esteem and insecurity. So before letting it affect your relationship, take time to think about it. Is your partner the one to blame, or is it a fruit of your own insecurity? If the later is the correct answer, here is what you can do. Work to improve your self-confidence, do things that make you feel beautiful, buy clothes that make you feel attractive, …

#3: Improve communication

In distance relationships, communication is key! In this sense, do your best to make every call worth it. Leave the problems aside and try to talk about positive things with your partner. Share your joys and achievements. Encourage the other person. Don’t take forever to answer text messages. Send a word out of nothing to show that you care and that you’re thinking about the person. Use the technology in your favor. There are so many different ways you can communicate with a person who is distant. Take advantage of them!

A man surprising a girl with flowers

#4: Surprise each other

Make yourself present regardless of the distance. What about sending gifts per mail? And who said handwritten love letters are a thing of the past? Especially in long-distance relationships, these small gestures are very meaningful.

#5: Make plans together

A long-distance relationship does not have to be permanent. Use the time that you are apart to make plans to be together. The time employed in such an activity will make you feel closer to your partner. Additionally, knowing that you’ll be together in the future can be that fuel to the relationship.

Being alone is not the same as being lonely

When you have a long-distance relationship, loneliness can be the ultimate challenge. But remember: being alone is not the same as being lonely! Have in mind that when you are in a distance relationship you have a person you can count on – even from miles and miles away – and that’s the beauty of it!!

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