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A Day in the Life of a Sugar Baby

Have you been contemplating becoming or dating a sugar baby? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve asked several members of our sugar community how a day in the life of a sugar baby is like and summarized their experience of the sugar bowl here just for you. Enjoy!

Being a Sugar Baby

sugar baby in a black dress

The expression sugar baby might evoke a very clear image in your mind. Some would describe a beautiful, yet not particularly smart woman. A woman who has nothing else to do but make herself look pretty and entertain her sugar daddy, who pays money to keep her around. Some would add that they believe that sugar babies struggle financially due to their tendency to overspend, but have a wardrobe full of luxury clothes. Let’s stop here. Enough clichés!

In reality, a sugar baby is often a self-confident person who knows what she wants. This young woman is dynamic and also attractive. She may be a young student or entrepreneur and need money to continue what she is doing, to start something new or simply to pay some bills. She does dedicate some of her time to her sugar daddy, but apart from it, her life is quite ordinary.

The morning routine

a day in the life of a sugar baby: having breakfast

She gets up between 7 and 9 o’clock in the morning — it all depends on her possible appointments or obligations. She then starts her day with breakfast, which she prepares as she pleases. It can be porridge, pancakes, or another food she wants to eat, with a piece of fruit and a hot drink.

After eating, she will then prepare herself for the day. However, if she has time before that, she can also do a little exercise or stretching to wake up. Then she will take a shower, do her hair, do her make-up routine and get dressed. These steps are very important, especially on the days when she goes to see her sugar daddy. Because looking her best is fundamental.

The ideal outfit for a date with a sugar daddy is simple and elegant. The inspiration for it usually comes from the latest fashion trends for the season. Accessories like a pretty handbag, jewelry or a belt can’t be missing… The hairstyle must also be chic to go with the outfit.

day in the life of a sugar baby: working on her laptop

The rest of the morning

Once ready, the sugar baby will go either to class or to work. Then many like to meet up with friends for lunch. It’s the perfect time to talk with friends, catch up and share the latest juicy news… It’s also a good time to stop to freshen up the make-up, especially if she’s got an appointment with her SD.

A day in the life of a sugar baby is not complete without a date with her sugar daddy

day in the life of a sugar baby: date with her sugar daddy

It’s the long-awaited moment of the day. The one the sugar baby is superbly prepared for. She’s going to see her sugar daddy again. Both of them have had a day that can be difficult at times. So they need to relax. This can be done by going for a walk, for example, doing some other activity together. After it, they might go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

Together, they exchange a lot of experience. They talk about many interesting things. Their relationship is very relaxed, each one has their own life and they don’t demand too much from each other. That sets sugar relationships from regular ones apart. They are together to enjoy the best of life, which they can’t have enough of.

The current reality

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the regular day in the life of a sugar baby has changed a little. Work is now done from home. Classes were either suspended or continue online. Dates were made almost impossible depending on where you live.

For this reason, sugar dating is evolving. Sexting has become more important than ever to keep the fire burning. But we can be sure about one thing: we’ll get over this soon as more skilled, appreciative people.