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A Sugar Daddy Relationship

A Sugar Daddy Relationship can be rewarding for both

Apart from finding the perfect man for a sugar daddy relationship, a majority of ladies are faced with the difficult task of keeping their new catch. The reason is that the ratio of rich guys to young women is as high as 1:12 in some instances. With such odds, you need the following tips for success in a sugar daddy relationship if you wish to keep your man.

A sugar daddy relationship should be a mutually beneficial agreement

A sugar daddy relationship is a union of two consenting adults who wish to derive certain benefits from their coming together. Consequently, it is critical that the both of you discuss your specific expectations to steer clear of future misunderstandings. Some of the aspects that form the subject of such discussions in a sugar daddy relationship include:

  • When to meet in terms of days of the week and time
  • The identification of the meeting spot
  • Length of such meetings and activities to partake in
  • Whether to keep things private or be seen in public together
  • Allowances, gifts and other goodies for the girl
  • When to go shopping with sugar daddy
  • How long the union is to last
  • If it is fine to date other men or sugar ladies

a sugar daddy relationship

a sugar daddy relationship

Know His range for Success in a Sugar Daddy Relationship

Rich men hail from all sorts of careers and income brackets. Therefore, you need to find about what he earns before asking him to get you a yacht or the latest sports coupe. It is not to say that you should shoot direct questions concerning income. Instead, try to learn about the average incomes of persons in his position and profession in your city. Some of the other top considerations include the presence of a family or the number of dependants he has to support. Remember to put search engines to use as they will unearth a lot about him.

Avoid Being Clingy when in a Sugar Daddy relationship

One of the top killers of a sugar daddy relationship is a sugar lady who appears clingy. Remember that the sugar daddy could be a married man or someone who is very respectable in society and wouldn’t want his name tarnished in any way. As a consequence, avoid sleeping over at his place or insisting on meeting him every other day. In addition to looking desperate and unattractive, you risk exposing a sugar daddy relationship that the both of you wish to keep discreet. Show him that you have a life beyond the relationship. Also, making yourself too available can make him take you for granted. However, make sure you frequently chat with sugar daddy and be available when he needs your company.

Go for Married Men for a Sugar Daddy Relationship with no Regrets

A sugar daddy relationship that involves a married man is bound to last long and be very rewarding. For instance, such guys value discretion, know how to treat women like queens and are generally more responsible and successful than their single counterparts who are carefree. In addition, a married man is less likely to have a string of sugar girls because what he doesn’t get from you can be sourced from his wife. Such a position is advantageous since you will not have to share his money and attention with numerous other ladies.