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Can You Fall in Love with Someone’s Scent?

I believe that scent plays a major role in the initial stages of falling in love. And by scent, I mean someone’s natural body odor, not their perfume. But this is just my opinion… what do scientists say about it?

The attraction to scent

We know that sex is all about the senses, looking, touching and feeling, tasting, listening and smelling. Some of us, however, are more sensitive to the latter than others, which is why scientists are still debating the importance of the sense of smell in relationships. While some believe that smell does not play a considerable role in attraction, others find it extremely important.

What does experience say?

I’ve asked around and the answer was unanimous. Yes, most people believe that scent is key when it comes to attraction. Many of them have lots of experience to back it up.

I myself experienced both sides of the coin. Some guys smelled so good that I felt immediately attracted to them. Meeting them after gym or doing anything with them that would make them sweat would drive me absolutely crazy. I felt addicted to them and their smell.

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Other guys’ natural scent, however, were an immediate turn-off. However handsome they were couldn’t compensate for the effect their smell had on me. It simply made me want to push them away immediately.


The science behind scent

Some studies suggest that people are able to recognize through smell if a partner would be immunologically compatible with them. In such studies, women felt more attracted to men who had an immune system different than theirs โ€” which implies that their kids would develop a stronger immune system.

On the other hand, they felt repelled by men with an immune system composition similar to theirs โ€” the same way people feel naturally repelled by their siblings.

So yes, both science and experience agree that scent and attraction are connected.

Some fun facts about the sense of smell