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  • What’s truly behind jealousy?

    Our last post on envy, titled “Is there anything positive about envy?” – inspired me to write about another emotion that is quite hard to admit: jealousy. Everyone knows this feeling, but have you ever stopped to think what causes it and what is the best way to deal with it? Here’s what we discovered and would like to share:

  • April Fools’ Day: Why celebrate it

    April 1st is celebrated in much of the world as “April Fools’ Day”, which is a great opportunity for everyone to have a few laughs. On this day, it is common to play creative pranks on other people, who we hope will take them with humour. April Fools’ in other European countries

  • Is there anything positive about envy?

    “Envy will destroy you.” This is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think about this emotion. But why do we feel it and, as this free association of mine shows, why is it perceived to be so negative? Is envy really all bad? No! Can it benefit us in some way? Yes! Let me explain to you why:

  • Success through a Sugar Relationship

    As you probably know, a sugar relationship is based on mutual benefits. Typically, the sugar baby receives financial support, either in the form of money, gifts, or payment for her tuition or rent, among other things — like help to achieve much success, as we’ll explain here. In return, the sugar daddy receives companionship from a beautiful woman who can make him feel alive again. If love arises within this relationship, even better! The support that a sugar baby receives from her partner opens up thousands of possibilities. What is decisive is her willingness and […]

  • Can I be a Sugar Baby if I’m Plus Size?

    This is one of the questions that we at MySugardaddy have received most frequently this year. Many women are gorgeous, but they don’t have the confidence to sign up to our site solely because they are plus size. We talked to some members of our dating community about it and summarized here some arguments mentioned that confirm that yes, not only is it possible to be a Sugar Baby plus size, but there are Sugar Daddies who can’t wait to meet you:

  • Philophobia: understanding and overcoming it

    Philophobia, what is it? It’s an extreme fear, namely the fear of falling in love or of getting into a relationship. Sometimes the phobia can be so extreme, that one can even be afraid to love one’s own family or friends.

  • What does your favorite cocktail say about your personality?

    There’s nothing better than meeting up with your friends or sugar daddy for some drinks. Especially after a long day or week at work! We all know that feeling of “I’ve had enough; it’s time for a cocktail”. And it feels even better when you actually get to the bar, greet your friends and start to socialize. You slowly begin to let go of all the stress from the day. Then it’s time to order a drink. But which one? Surely, we all have a favorite cocktail that we usually drink on many occasions. That […]

  • Advantages of being a Sugar Baby besides £

    Whenever we read about the advantages of being a sugar baby, almost always it’s all about the money. But experience shows it’s much more than that. Here are just 8 of them:

  • Love according to different languages

    If different languages where like predictable text, how would they complete the sentence “love is”? Well, as a person who is passionate about languages, I got curious and decided to figure it out myself. Here are the best famous quotes about this amazing feeling by some Portuguese, German and Spanish-speaking personalities along with their English translation. Get ready for some cheesy, inspiring, heartwarming stuff!

  • The cheapest way to travel the world

    How to travel the world for free To travel the world is the biggest dream of many people — I’m no exception. I’m also the kind of person who tells everybody to never stop dreaming. However, I’m well aware that it might seem impossible to make this dream come true if you’re still a college student and usually there’s too much month left at the end of your money. So, how could you travel the world without spending a single penny? This is probably a question people make already expecting to hear there’s no way. […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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