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  • addicted to my sugar daddy

      When did I become addicted to my sugar daddy?: I became a sugar baby at the age of nineteen. I had had five or six short-term sugar daddies during a long-term relationship with my boyfriend at the time. My older sister showed me a site called “”, where I began exchanging emails with a nearby daddy. We eventually decided to meet in person and started to get to know each other. I instantly knew I was addicted to my sugar daddy. Why did I become addicted to my sugar daddy?: There are many reasons […]

  • asking my sugar daddy for money

      Why I was asking my sugar daddy for money. Asking my sugar daddy for money was very awkward at first. This is because asking for money can be very awkward. However, I came to learn that it was up to me to initiate the conversation because the money conversations are rare. I

  • getting attached to my sugar daddy

      My experience on getting attached to my sugar daddy. Sugar relationships are supposed to be a fantasy away from the drama of love or feelings. This was however not the case with me because I got attached to my sugar daddy. He was married but still a gentleman.

  • Broke Up With My Sugar Daddy

    Oh Good Heavens! I’ve Gone And Broke Up With My Sugar Daddy! I broke up with my sugar daddy, yes; I went and broke up with my sugar daddy! Empowering, isolating, financially left astray – these are only a few of the symptoms many sugar babies feel when they break up with a respected sugar daddy.

  • Diary of my sugar daddy

      Diary of my sugar daddy experience.   Sugar dating has become a common thing in this recent years. It is some thing that has gotten a lot of talks. people are accepting this new lifestyle of sugar dating. A former sugar baby tells me of her experiences with a sugar daddy. She has been very open on the journey.

  • sugar daddy terms

    Perhaps you are a ‘sugar daddy terms’. Looking for a ‘sugar baby’?   Dating sites offer a match making service with a data-base of profiles for your review. They typically charge a monthly subscription fee based on a given package of services and benefits. Review the terms and conditions of the provider to ensure that you understand the fee structure and your liability when entering the agreement.

  • sugar daddy wanted

      sugar daddy wanted for a new life   There are many theories that try to suggest the success of any sugar relationship. Above all the theories that people give, experience is the most important factor that will give way to a successful and a happy relationship. You need to understand that, different sugar daddies have different wants and dislikes from a sugar baby.

  • Vacation With Sugar Daddy

      Vacation With Sugar Daddy – tips and tricks   There is nothing possibly better than going on vacations with a well-established, classy gentleman whose primary intention is to take care of you and get some benefits in return. Going on vacation with sugar daddy introduces you to a luxurious lifestyle, sharing beautiful and unforgettable moments together and creating new memories. Sugar daddies love holidays, and they like to bring their sugar babies with them.

  • Sugar Daddy UK Dating Site

      How to Set Up Your Profile on a Sugar Daddy UK Dating Site   If you are new to sugar daddy UK dating bowl or don’t know how to present yourself, your profile could be missing the most important aspects that could make you the perfect match on a sugar daddy UK dating website.

  • sugar daddy uk website

    What the sugar daddy?! There’s a sugar daddy uk website!   A sugar daddy. That’s just so darn American right? Wrong! I’ve got to admit I was pretty curious when I discovered that there is a sugar daddy uk website. Oh yes! You’re googling “sugar daddy uk website” right now aren’t you? And who can blame you? What a concept.

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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