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  • Beard Styles Trends for 2019

    Beard is accessory that defines the style of a man, helps him to change the shape of his faceand to cover the skin impurities. Like any other aesthetic accessory, the beard is influenced by fashion. For this reason we are now going to take a look to the biggest beard trends for 2019!

  • Valentine’s Day – Short Holiday for Lovers

    Like every year, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. This day is ideal for showing your deep connection and love to your partner. A romantic short trip for two is especially suitable to consolidate the feelings and to consciously to enjoy togetherness. Get away from your everyday life, pack your bags and enjoy a little bit of something new with your sugar daddy or sugar baby. Paris – The city of love The absolute classic for lovers is the city around the Eiffel Tower. In Paris, declarations of love were eternalized in more than 300 different […]

  • The most beautiful Christmas markets for a romantic trip – Part 1 of 2

    The most romantic period of the year Let’s be honest, do you think there is any other time of year with more romanticism in the air than Christmas? Certainly there is Valentine’s Day, when restaurants are bursting with couples and the shops are filled with everything to remind people of the wonder of love. Yet this atmosphere, often too commercial, could never compete with the one that is created by streets decorated with lights in gothical days of December. And if you  want to impress your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy, why not take advantage […]

  • How to go about choosing the perfect Christmas gift

    Oh boy talk about anti climax! I was filled with “hoop dee doo” Christmas joy on my way out from Harrods getting into my car with my overly impatient driver – ok not overly impatient, it took me three hours to find just the right perfume for my dear sugar baby – only to roll down my car window and sniff the very same scent out in the air coming from a bystander. That got me thinking: hm a bit of previous research would not have gone totally amiss. But would it be possible to […]

  • The unappreciated side to the world of sugaring

    We have previously highlighted a few elements of the sugaring life: from how to go about maximizing your chances of meeting just the one you need to  what to do in order to further yourself as an enriched individual full of fun and attractive to the majority around you. Yes that is all very good but we have not yet thought of how to deal with the external factors surrounding the sugaring topic. I mean precisely the reactions you are not going to be able to be in control of simply because they come from […]

  • A sugar babie’s hip will never lie – PT2

    In a previous chat we talked about how to impress a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, through activities to do together or topics to talk about. Hereinstead, we want to focus on what we normally say with our body language if used wisely as well as what we do not want to say. Be proud of the space you fill in It does make it sometime a lot easier when you think of the animal world to understand what people’s reactions might be when you assume certain postures. Think of a rattlesnake or a […]

  • A sugar baby’s hip will never lie! Your body language guide

    Hey you! Remember those situations when you are with someone new and you really don’t know what to do with your hands. Yeah right we have all  been there. But here is the good news: there is a lot you can do with your hands and other parts of your body while on a date. No, you naughty little devil, we are not talking about that yet. Here are a few body language tricks to keep you calm and confident while on a date. Hips don’t lie – Seducing body language When talking to someone […]

  • Where you hang out totally matters, sugar baby!

    Where to hang out matters Last night I had a sweet potato in one hand and two carrots on another while wandering off in the middle of Sainsbury’s trying to picture myself with the perfect sugar baby sometime in a near future. That is until I realized making it a reality was going to be a whole lot o bullocks as long as I remained in a economy super market in the middle of London. A few articles ago we looked at what you can do to stand out in a sea of options in […]

  • The best shows to have your Sugar Baby SMITTEN

    The uniqueness element for a sugar baby or daddy Have you sugar baby or sugar daddy ever wondered what is it that you are going to bring to the table in such a saturated sea of things to do while on a date? Of course you could spend every single day of your life choosing all different types of activities to  woe your  girl or impress your man and succeeding at it. But the question here  is how you do just that and absolutely blow your date away with outstanding display of wit by making direct reference between your dating […]

  • How to date with confidence, sugar daddy.

      Sugaring with confidence, baby! Have you ever thought about what is it exactly that makes you stand out from the crowd when the topic is…Well, actually any topic!  So, being a man or woman, traditional bachelor; sugar baby or sugar daddy type…Whatever you call yourself. The key to displaying what some have so often named “star quality” is in the key ingredient “Confidence”. But it is too easy and simplistic to say all one needs is confidence to succeed in ones endeavors, whatever they might be. It is fair to ask then where does […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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