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Types of Sugar Baby: the Beauty Obsessed

The 7th and penultimate part of our blog series on the different kinds of sugar babies, we’ll be talking about the ones who are absolutely obsessed with their beauty.

Did she decide to become a sugar baby for shady reasons? Is she just using her sugar daddy as a means to an end?

Beauty-obsessed sugar babies

Fake boobs, fake tan, fake eyelashes โ€” it is somewhat easy to recognize a beauty-obsessed girl. There are many of them among the sugar babies.

beauty obsessed sugar baby in Paris

We all know how it starts: the hair. Girls with straight hair want curls and the other way around. Then there’s dyeing. A beauty-obsessed sugar baby wishes for a completely different look than the one nature gave her. Sometimes she would rather be blonde instead of brunette; bigger breasts would suit her much better in her opinion.

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Is it because of the glossy women’s magazines that tell everybody they have to look like a photoshopped model to be considered “beautiful”? Or is it because of a traumatic experience like bullying? In fact, the reason for this attitude is almost irrelevant, because what counts is her intentions in the sugar bowl.

What she’s after

What she wants is to come as close as possible to her visual ideal.
Her goal is to become the best version of herself in terms of looks. The sky isn’t the limit here, but rather what medicine can achieve nowadays.

However, surgical interventions are by no means cheap. So in order to tackle this costly matter as quickly and with the highest quality as possible, this woman needs a man who is as rich as possible. One who will help her to achieve her dream of the perfect body. A sugar daddy would be the best solution.

What does she have to do for it? It doesn’t really matter. After all, dignity is only a word, isn’t it? Of course, every woman knows her own limits. Besides, there are enough rich men out there who would love to see their money well invested ๐Ÿ˜‰

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