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How to get a bigger allowance?

Allowance is often a difficult subject for many sugar babies, although it is an element that is part of almost every sugar relationship. Many find it unpleasant to approach the topic for many reasons. For example, because they think that by doing so, they would be putting a price on the relationship. Others are not comfortable asking for anything and would prefer that their sugar daddy took the initiative.

For those who don’t like to ask for money directly and want to receive a good allowance, I have an infallible tip:

The right time to talk about your allowance

sugar baby covered in her allowance, only with her eyes visible

Like a lot of things in life, it’s important to wait for the right moment. And when would that be? When he needs you most.

People tend to value things more, the more they need them. That also means they’ll be willing to pay more in the moment of greatest need. What does that mean for a sugar baby?

When does a sugar daddy need his SB the most? When he feels alone (or knows that he will feel so in a situation, such as a social event or international trip) and seeks your company.

And what does this have to do with his allowance? Everything!

This is the moment when he signals to you that he wants and needs your company, in other words, that he values it and, most probably, he wouldn’t mind paying more to be able to solve this need.

The best tip you will read this year

sugar baby literaly burning part of her allowance

If he asked you out, the time has come to ask indirectly for an allowance increase in a way that he could hardly say no:

“Gee, I’d love to go out today, but I have to work to pay x, y and z, so I can’t go.” That’s it! Now he knows that the reason you’re not available to see him more often is money… and money is no problem for SDs!

You haven’t worked out an allowance yet? Check out this article about how to ask for an allowance with elegance.

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