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Conversation with Sugar Daddy

Conversation with Sugar Daddy: Tips for Breaking the Ice

The fact that there are more sugar ladies than daddies means that you need to be tactful in everything you do and say – conversation with sugar daddy is an art. While you obviously have mastered the art of body language and used it in seduction, conversation with sugar daddy is an entirely different matter. It is interesting to note that awful conversations are among the top killers of sugar relationships. More often than not, ladies are to blame because they do most of the talking. The art of conversation with sugar daddy is one that every lady should learn of before getting into such a relationship. After all, she wants it to last and get the most out of it.

Conversation with Sugar Daddy – your interests come last

It comes off as selfish if all you speak about is centred on what you wish to derive from the relationship. This is particularly true if you have just met the guy. For a rich man, it is obvious that you require something from him, so there is no need to make conversation with sugar daddy about your needs and nothing else but what you want. You will lose numerous points if you do so, and he may even find you unattractive. Some of the conversation topics that should come before you speak about your allowances include:

  • The background of the man
  • His job and career
  • His interest and hobbies
  • Current affairs and issues
  • Your life and background
  • Your ambitions
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Food
  • His favourite entertainment

Keep Interruptions to Conversation with Sugar Daddy Minimal

Conversation with sugar daddy

Conversation with sugar daddy

It is rude to keep answering calls and texts during conversations with sugar daddy. The chances of getting a second date are minimal if you keep speaking to another person on the phone instead of forging relationship ties with your sugar date. Other forms of interruptions include excusing yourself at every moment you get to reapply makeup or carry out some other activities.

Speak little for a Perfect Conversation with Sugar Daddy

Naturally, a lady is likely to speak more than a man in any discussion, including conversation with sugar daddy. Most sugar daddies understand that fact, but there are several who don’t find ladies who speak a lot attractive. So, it is best if you study the type of man you are dating to avoid disgruntling him with your excessive use of words. The key to great conversation with sugar daddy is to ask questions to place him in a position where he has to do most of the talking. Show him your best sugar baby qualities to win his heart.

Practice seducing your sugar daddy

A sugar lady may have a difficult time initiating a conversation with a rich man. This fact is true, whether it is a face-to-face, phone or text conversation with sugar daddy. With practice, however, she can find it increasingly easy to do it.