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Do you belong to Generation Z?

Smartphone, Facebook, Instagram — these are no foreign words for today’s younger generation, as they’ve always existed in “their world”. We are talking about the so-called “Generation Z”. Are you one of them?

What is meant by Generation Z is those people who were born between 1997 and 2012. It is the successor of the Generation Y, which is also known as “the Millenials” (born between the early 1980s and approximately 1997, depending on the source).

Digital Age

woman carrying generation z baby

Generation Z was born with the digital age and is therefore also known as “Digital Natives“. They have learnt how to use technical devices, online platforms and operating systems from an early age. However, it is questionable whether this actually makes them more productive and better equipped.

Is digitisation really positive?

Digital skills are very important, but is the Generation Z missing out on vital real-life skills? These questions are currently difficult to answer. This kind of thing is easier to understand in retrospect. For now, only past patterns of behaviour can be collected and projected into the future, but we are far from realising the full extent of this.

However, it is not only disadvantages that Generation Z will experience. Just like the Internet brings with it a large number of possibilities, the newer generations have access to very individual world views and ideas. Thus, society will change enormously in the coming years, not only digitally but also culturally. Due to the high amount of new information and possibilities, new business models can be developed.

Ultimately, it is up to us how we can use the media in a meaningful way, which people we deal with and what we generally want to do with our lives. Therefore we should walk through life with more mindfulness and approach things more consciously. Make the best out of it!

generation z members giving a hing-five in class