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Fetish: How to Seduce your Sugar Daddy

On January 17th, Fetish Day is celebrated worldwide. A fetish β€” and almost everyone has at least one β€” can be a pleasant and exciting addition to a couple’s life. Are you a fetishist or would you like to go on some new adventures in bed? Then our guide is perfect for you!

What is a fetish?

Fetishes have been known to mankind for centuries and are generally harmless sexual practices. In ancient times, the word fetish referred to symbols (more precisely what today we would call “amulets”) which were said to have a magical power, such as bringing luck and happiness, for their association with a particular deity. In those times, fetishism was nothing more than a cult to an inanimate object.

The meaning of the word fetish has changed a bit. But it still refers to things that bring happiness, but in a completely different context: that of sexual pleasure. Fetish is anything that causes sexual excitement β€” circumstances, body parts, objects, etc. Although for some people it is only an extra, for others it is impossible to achieve full sexual pleasure without it.

In fact, even if we don’t want to admit it, practically everyone has some kind of fetish, like lace and leather.

Types of fetish

Human sexuality, although it doesn’t seem very complicated, hides many secrets. Sexual desire is an extremely complex and individual subject.

Traditional sex is not enough for many people. For them, additional specific stimuli is necessary for them to be able to achieve full satisfaction πŸ˜‰. We are talking about places, smells, objects, clothes, fantasies. Human creativity knows no limits and, as long as the partner voluntarily agrees with everything, no fetish is too crazy.

Did you know that the attraction for certain physical traits is leading to a new type of evolution, sexual selection? Be sure to read our article on the subject!

The most popular fetishes are:

What fetishes excite your Sugar Daddy?

As we said, fetishes are extremely individual. You probably know yours, but have you ever stopped to think about your sugar daddy’s preferences? Maybe it’s one (or a few!) of the ones below:


BDSM is the English abbreviation for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism.

dominant woman dressed in way that reminds of bdsm fetish

Handcuffs, ropes, cables, whips, collars, even belts. Well, many men admit to having similar fetishes nowadays, and what is more interesting: the number of women is even greater! Almost 80% of masochists are women!

The guilt and shame related to this fetish is decreasing, as evidenced by the increase in the number of sexshops and online shops offering BDSM accessories.

Public places

An elevator full of people. He strokes her leg, less and less innocently. Everyone but the couple leaves the elevator. And then he presses her against the elevator wall and kisses her passionately. Literary fiction? Not necessarily.

couple kissing at back of car about to fulfill their fetish

Just the thought of making out or having sex in a public place is enough to turn many people on. Even though few would admit publicly, there are hundreds of online forums that prove the opposite.

Parking lots, cars, woods, parks and pools are the most popular places for this practice. They say that the Spanish are the worst β€” or should I say the best? 😊

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Feet and other body parts

woman wearing high heels standing next to pole

No doubt a real Sugar Daddy loves the female body, from head to toe. Speaking of feet, according to research conducted by scientists at the University of Bologna, one of the most popular fetishes among men is exactly for this part of the body. About 47% of respondents admitted this preference. According to the study, this part of the body is much more attractive than, for example, hair or the navel. Such fascination is also admitted by many famous people.

woman licking a banana while holding a bunch


This is a subtle, unconscious fetish for many people. It’s one of the reasons why men like to take women to restaurants. So when a man invites his “friend” to dinner, he sends a very clear message that he is interested in her. In extreme cases, men feed their lovers because they are excited by the idea of her total dependence on him.

So food and sex have been strongly associated with each other since immemorial times. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans, who loved to feast in their rooms, knew this.

Lingerie, stockings and heels…

These are among the main fetishes, also in terms of social acceptability. In fact, many men admit that their fetish involves silk or lace lingerie, corsets and stockings. However, high-heels are a must for most of them. According to a study conducted by the University of Bologna, 64% of internet users interviewed admitted their passion for women’s shoes. The preferred ones are, of course, the red ones.

woman living her fetish for stockings and sexy lingerie

The acceptance of unusual sexual practices is growing. As we have seen in this article, the hard thing is to find a person who does not have any fetish! What years ago would shock many people is now a soap opera theme. So, give your partner’s fetish a chance and enjoy it! It’s a very valuable opportunity to learn more about yourself!

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