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Types of Sugar Baby: the Fetishist

This is the last part of our blog series on the different kinds of sugar babies. We’ll finish it up with the fetishist sugar baby. Have you ever met one in real life? Do you know what makes her special and what she expects from her sugar daddy?

The fetishist sugar baby

As we said in our article on fetishes, fetishes are about much more than leather and BDSM. Of course, a person can have many preferences and fetishism can express itself in many ways.

man with white beard and hair in his 40s

Here, we are talking about fetishist sugar babies who have a very particular preference: for older men. She finds the more mature nature and appearance of an old (or at least recognizably older) man extremely attractive.

She knows that, unlike those boys out there, this guy has experience. And he has a personality that can only be developed over time. He also has that certain charm that only mature men know how to use.

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When enumerating the characteristics she likes about these men, it becomes obvious that, to the fetishist sugar baby, a man does not get older, but better.

fetishist sugar baby whispering in her sugar daddy's ear

She is not at all uncomfortable with his appearance. On the contrary! The salt and pepper in his hair make him look more respectable. His aged skin reminds her of the things he has experienced. Every scar has a story, every wrinkle has a reason. This man has already gained a lot of experience and you can see that in his body. There are women who find even war wounds sexy.

Now she just has to find a man who shares her interest in a relationship with a considerable age gap. Thanks to online dating platforms such as MySugardaddy, the fetishist can use filters to go on a targeted search and find dozens of men that suit her profile within minutes.

And now?

In this series, we talked about the main kinds of sugar babies you might come across in the sugar bowl. Which one is your favorite? Or, if you are a sugar baby yourself, with which did you identify yourself the most? Let us know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

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