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First Date Etiquette that Will Get You a Sugar Daddy

Showing good manners on your first date with a sugar daddy can ensure the success of your sugar relationship. Etiquette, kindness and good manners play a major role in the seduction game. After all, can you imagine a rich, well-educated man dating a stunning, yet brash and rude young lady? I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be a second date in this scenario.

In this article, we will explain how paying attention to some minor details with a considerable impact can considerably improve your chances:

Etiquette: be more than just your looks

girl wearing chic dress following the etiquette rule to dress for the occasion

Taking care and dressing well for the first date is crucial. In other words, showing that you have dressed up for the occasion makes the other person feel valued. However, it is important not to exaggerate. You don’t want to walk into a sophisticated restaurant looking overly sexy and extravagant. Discretion is an important characteristic for a sugar baby.

Always remember that, in addition to an appealing appearance, you need to have content to show. Be kind and polite during the whole interaction. This can be done by carefully listening to your date and showing empathy.

Besides, you should obviously think before you speak and be careful not to overshare. Watch your tone of voice and try to blend in with the environment. Exaggerated laughter will probably come off as rude.

In addition to that, beauty, elegance, charm and education are great weapons of seduction.


Arriving on time (or before) is ideal for all occasions. After all, a punctual person shows that he or she has respect for others and is organized enough not to be late. Therefore, never keep your sugar daddy waiting for you anywhere.

But what if a delay is unavoidable? Here’s a golden rule I learnt from an etiquette teacher:

If you know you’ll be one hour late, let the other person know it one hour prior to the scheduled time; if you’ll be half an hour late, let them know half an hour in advance and so on.

Some basic rules of etiquette

In the car

Opening the car door and helping the lady out is something very old-fashioned, but still regarded as very polite. That is something that isn’t a must nowadays, but for sure a plus.

For this reason, be ready for it to happen. Leave the car a couple seconds after your sugar daddy to give him the opportunity to do it. If he doesn’t, don’t say anything; if he does, show him appreciation.

In the restaurant

Pulling the chair for the woman to sit may seem old-fashioned, but some men are always happy to do it. Again, you should wait for a bit and pay attention to his movements in case he’s a true gentleman.

When choosing a dish, the best thing to do is to choose a dish of a reasonable price or even ask him for a suggestion. After the order has been discussed between the two of you, let him place the order with the waiter.

Avoid drinking too much. After all, things can get out of hand and you could end up talking about what you shouldn’t or laughing or talking too loud.

At the table

woman following the etiquette rule of drinking in moderation

Find more etiquette rules here.

Paying the bill

Usually, on the first date, the man should offer to pay the bill. But the woman can also offer to split if it makes her feel better. However, in a sugar relationship, the sugar daddy is always expected to pay. Nevertheless, don’t forget to express thankfulness and appreciation for his generosity.