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My First Sugar Daddy

My first sugar daddy story

New on the sugar dating scene: This is a story of a sugar baby as narrated by her. I have heard of stories of sugar babies who live the lavish and luxurious lifestyle just by dating sugar daddies. What was stopping me from doing the same thing when I clearly needed the extra cash. I needed to meet my first sugar daddy. I was in a tight support financially. Dating my first sugar daddy would mean that he would spoil and pamper me would be a very cool option. I was fresh from college and finding a job was becoming stressful. I needed a quick solution.


My first sugar daddy, or why I stated sugar daddy dating

my first sugar daddy

my first sugar daddy

There are a lot of reasons as to why I wanted my first sugar daddy. These are very common factors among sugar babies who get into sugar daddy dating.

  • Financial support. I was in a really bad financial situation. What I wanted was to pay my bills and have some money on the side. I was also in a lot of debt and had no job. My friend had sugar daddies who would give them money when they asked for it and even before they did.If sugar dating could help me solve my problem I was in.
  • Tuition fee. A lot of women gets sugar daddies to help them pay for the tuition fee. It is no shock I was in this category of dating. I have heard a lot of success stories of women who found sugar daddies who are willing to pay for their tuition fee.
  • The trips. I love travelling and sugar daddies are always looking for sugar babies to accompany them on this trips. Travelling is a very attractive option for me and it is on the reasons as to why I wanted to get into sugar dating.


How I got my first sugar daddy


Finding a sugar daddy can be very hard if a person doesn’t know where to look. Here is how the process went down on my search.

Places to find a sugar daddy for sugar dating:

1. Clubs and bars
I tried finding a sugar daddy the traditional way and it was not as easy as I thought. Going out to clubs to find a sugar daddy was hard because I didn’t know who was looking for a sugar baby. I couldn’t just walk up to someone and ask if they are considering sugar dating. As a new sugar baby, I wanted someone who knew what the deal was and didn’t need much explaining. I was so naive and shy to say to someone face to face I want to be your sugar baby.

2. Referrals by friends.
I had friends who had been in the sugar dating scene for a while and had met some other sugar daddies who were friends to their sugar daddies. One of my friends introduced me to a sugar daddy and we planned a meeting. I was so excited about meeting my first sugar daddy for the first time. It is very normal for a sugar baby to be nervous when meeting a potential sugar daddy. What would he think of me? would he really like me?These were just some of the questions running through my mind. The date was near and I had to gather my strength and go after what I wanted.


Important tips I used when meeting my first sugar daddy


I had to dress to impress my first sugar daddy.
The first impression is very important especially for sugar babies meeting sugar daddies. A sugar daddy will judge you by the first appearance he sees in general. I went out and bought my self a gorgeous dress that was fitting in all the right places. I wanted to look attractive but not indecent. Indecent dressing can make the sugar daddy uncomfortable. I did my neutral makeup look and wore my favourite perfume and was ready to impress my first sugar daddy.

I had to do my research.
By doing some research I got the basics of being a sugar baby and how to talk to my sugar daddy. Sugar daddies want to have smart and intelligent conversations with a sugar baby. I also learned that I should be engaging in the conversation by leaning forward and touching his as we speak and get to know each other. They want a sugar baby who is engaging.


I had to be very confident as sugar baby to find my first sugar daddy

After buying a new dress and doing my research I have to be confident in my self that I was going to nail it. Talking with confidence and conviction in what I was saying would help him see my true character.

When the night of the date came I was ready. I had a lot of topics to discuss with him and I was sure it would be a great meeting. However, the sugar daddy was not just looking for a sugar baby he was looking for a wife. I was not ready for marriage and so I couldn’t lie to him. All I wanted was my first sugar daddy to spoil me, a short term thing. I had to let it go because I am an honest person and sugar baby. Too bad he would be my first sugar daddy


sugar dating for money

Sugar dating for money

Looking for my first sugar daddy online


The next place I decided to look for my first sugar daddy was online. Thanks to the invention of the internet I had the chance to find my first sugar daddy online. I decide to try sugar dating websites after I heard a lot of talk about how effective they were. A sugar baby had told me of how lucky she got on sugar dating sites.


Steps I used to I join sugar dating websites and find my first sugar daddy


Research on the best site to join.
There are a lot of sugar dating websites and choosing the right one can be very hard. All sites offer the same services but there are others who have done a great job in making the right matches and including detailed profiles. Security was also a factor in finding a sugar daddy. I was looking for a private site that wouldn’t disclose my personal information. Also on that didn’t have and frauds on it. Some sugar daddies lie on their income to deceive sugar babies. Once I found the right sugar dating website, I got some sugar baby name ideas for my profile and signed up.

Creating a profile.
The next step was creating a profile as sugar baby that would attract potential sugar daddies. This was not very hard for me to do. All I did was find one f my best pictures and upload it as my profile picture. I paid a lot of attention to my sugar baby esthetics in my profile picture, and it was definitely worth it! After I did this I got a lot of hits from potential sugar daddies who were making me all sorts of offers.


Describing what I was looking for as sugar baby

With all these people hit me up on my dating inbox, I had to narrow down my search. I did this by including in my profile what type of sugar daddy I wanted. I wanted a sugar daddy who had money. Enough money to spoil me with anything I may ask for and more without complaining.

Online sites are very effective when it comes to connecting a sugar baby to a sugar daddy with money. Now all I had to do as sugar baby was go through the many profiles and wait for responses and inboxes. The advantage of looking online is that there are endless options to choose from. I would make the first move on the sugar dating site because it is private and It was easier to gather the confidence to approach the sugar daddy online. Also, I had read that approaching a sugar daddy can make you seem very confident and determined.


Age limit for my first sugar daddy

As a newbie in the sugar world, all I knew was that my first sugar daddy should be older than me. This meant that

  • He could give me money because he had it.
  • Ideally he would also take me with him on business trips to just enjoy myself
  • He would give me advice on my upcoming business because he was experienced and how I would make more money.

I am not saying that I needed a sugar daddy 30 years older than me, but I was definitely looking for a more mature man. Young men of my age didn’t have the money to do all these things for me. They didn’t have the money or the resources to do so.


How I got my first sugar daddy online

Dating with sugar daddies

Dating with sugar daddies

I received a lot of emails and inboxes from a lot of sugar daddies who wanted to make me offers. As I read the messages I came across a message that melted my heart. It was a potential sugar daddy telling me of how he can take care of me and I wouldn’t have to lift a finger ever again. He would give me money if I agreed to go through with sugar dating with him. He would treat me like his princess and give me the finest things in life.

How could I say no to that? It was the exact thing that I wanted. So I replied to my first sugar daddy message and we started chatting online. Chatting online is always advisable for a sugar baby to do before the meeting. just like that, I had found my first sugar daddy.

The next step was for us to plan a physical meeting. I was so excited it would be my forth real and solid date with my first real sugar daddy. The day came and I followed the same tips I had used for the date that didn’t go so well. I dressed very well and smelled nice too. As sugar daddies are very busy men and value their time, I made sure to be punctual. I didn’t want to waste his time because I would like the same when done to me as a sugar baby. We met and the date went on very well. My first sugar daddy was such a gentleman and treated me very kindly. We agreed on a second date and the rest is history.


Dating and finding my first sugar daddy experience – what happened afterwards


I have stayed with this sugar daddy for 2 years now and the agreement is still very effective. I like to think that I was lucky because I found my first sugar daddy and he was a good sugar daddy. He paid my tuition fee, gave me the start up capital I needed and he pays for my rent to date.I am always going on trips with him to spice up the normally boring business trips. My first sugar daddy is making plans on buying a house and a car because I have been a good sugar baby.


Tips on being a great sugar baby in sugar dating

Be caring.
Caring for my first sugar daddy make him feel loved and cared for not just for what he can offer but he feels that you care for him as a person.

Dress well.
He will be showing you off to his friend and he wasn’t to be the man holding the most good looking and well-groomed sugar baby. It makes him confident in showing his sugar baby off.This is what I did with my first sugar daddy.

Keep your end of the deal.
My first sugar daddy did request a number of things from me as his sugar baby. By keeping my word as sugar baby word I proved that he could trust me as his sugar baby. He will be motivated to keep his end of the deal.

Be a good listener.
When he is talking to you ensure you pay attention and also ask questions. This keeps the conversation going between my first sugar daddy and me as his sugar baby.