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Types of Sugar Baby: the Gold Digger

To help you make sense of the jungle that the sugar world is, we’ve created this series of blog posts about the different kinds of sugar babies. We’re going to start with the most unpopular kind: the gold digger.

How to recognize one? Why are they so dangerous?

The Gold Digger Sugar Baby

The term gold digger refers to a person — in this case, a woman — who is exclusively interested in her partner’s money.

The gold digger is often a cunning woman who knows exactly what to use to bait her “prey” to get what she wants. The “prey” is always a rich person — in this case, a man — whom she has chosen as her sugar daddy.

She’s very demanding and persuasive. Depending on the agreement, she has him take her out to chic restaurants and exclusive events. At these events, the presence of a beautiful young woman often has a positive effect on her daddy’s self-esteem and social standing.

She only has eyes for what she can get from you

gold digger in purple  dress

A less skillful gold digger will often give herself away at the beginning. Because she is constantly mentioning the topic of money when talking to her sugar daddy. She is also obviously greedy.

If you observe her (more or less) well, you will soon realize that this woman is really only after his money. Again and again, she will make up excuses to get herself out of situations that are even a tiny bit inconvenient for her.

She obviously gets more than she gets and isn’t willing to make not even a tiny sacrifice for the relationship. And as soon as her source of money and gifts runs dry, she quickly throws herself at the next sugar daddy. She will do the same when she finds someone who can (and will) give her even more without thinking twice.

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To be continued…

Not every sugar baby out there is a gold digger. Follow our series of articles to learn what else expects you!

So stay tuned, dear sugar daddies!

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