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How to reestablish harmony in a relationship

Problems can always arise in one’s relationship, especially in these difficult times of general insecurity. There always comes a point where you begin to think about problems that have accumulated over time. What is the best way to solve relationship problems? Here are a few tips:

Get to the roots of the problem

One thing is clear: if you don’t get to the bottom of the conflict, you won’t achieve clarity. There can be countless triggers for troubles in the relationship. Nobody is immune to them, and you should not be ashamed of them.

couple having relationship problems

No human being is free from committing mistakes. Learning from mistakes is a fundamental part of life. Thus, each one of them is a learning opportunity. Every individual must go through this process to reach maturity. Otherwise, there would be no further development. In nature, stagnation always means something negative and ultimately leads to death. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to trace the roots of a relationship problem with full honesty.

This can often be painful, especially because you have to admit your own shortcomings and weaknesses — and who likes to do that? However, a certain adult attitude is appropriate and absolutely indispensable for the desired process to get off the ground.

Recognize the damaging powers of low self-confidence

woman looking upset over something in the relationship

Often times, people have a hard time being honest (even to themselves) about the reality of their relationship due to the lack of self-confidence. The root of this problem might sit very deep and even go back to early childhood. Sometimes, just a few formative experiences that one could not properly process as a child are enough for the negative spiral to take its course. Usually, this happens unconsciously.

A possible result of a lack of self-confidence is jealousy. This feeling often leads to behaviors that make the partner feel too constricted and in need of space. Jealousy can also lead to an absolute need to control and, ultimately, obsession. If it has gotten so out of hand in your relationship, we recommend seeking professional help.

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Tackle addictions

woman smoking

Anyone prone to addictions can experience massive difficulties in their partnership. Alcohol addiction, in particular, can destroy a relationship. What may initially seem to be in a socially acceptable level may become unbearable in the long run. If violence comes into play, you shouldn’t tolerate it for even half a minute!

Such dangerous tendencies must be recognized in time and counteracted. Police, doctors and therapists are the right people to contact.

Start couples therapy

If two people want to get to grips with their problems in a honest way, couples therapy is the way to go. Initially, it may be difficult to reveal one’s fears to a third person. However, you can be sure that all topics discussed will be treated confidentially.

The great advantage of these discussions is the relief one feels when the first spell is broken and a relationship of trust is established. Of course, both partners should agree to put their full energy into this work. Otherwise, success will remain out of reach.

The necessary basis for therapy is absolute openness. The therapist will facilitate developmental processes that one would not have thought possible before. Completely new sides may also come to light in the partnership. All in all, this is a deeply rewarding process.

couple hugging after relationship discussion

If you want to try it on your own for the time being, you can of course also create a plan yourself without professional help. You can start by thinking back to the beginning of the partnership. At the time when everything was still new and fresh, free from any stress. Unpacking the rose-colored glasses again will bring many advantages. Ask yourself what’s changed since then.

Back to the beginning of the relationship

Look at your partner’s and your own flaws compassionately. This way, new paths can be taken together. The desired harmony can be reestablished.

Have you ever had relationship problems? What helped you? Let us know in the comments 🙂