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๐Ÿคต What it Means to Be a Gentleman in 2021

What kind of man do most women look for? If you asked a bunch of them, chances are, you’d hear “a true gentleman” from more than one. But what does it mean to be a gentleman nowadays? What do women expect from a modern gentleman?

Let’s find out!

Here you can find a detailed explanation. We will start general with the origins of the term. Then, we will proceed to the characteristics of modern gentlemen and finish with the way they typically handle situations.

By following our tips, you can start adopting some of these characteristics to come off more gentlemanly and impress the ladies in every situation.

The first gentlemen

drawing of gentleman on brown background

This term comes from distant times, where social classes were even more marked and present. In fact, the concept of gentlemen has French origins and was derived from the word gentilhomme. It found its way into the English language as the literal translation of the French term: gentle and man.

Traditionally, it was used in England to refer to the lowest rank of the English gentry. As such, it was a hereditary title. As time went by, the expression evolved and lost its association with the class system. Thanks to that, anyone can be a gentleman nowadays.

So, what do you have to do to be considered one in 2021? What sort of characteristics and behaviors are expected?

What does it mean to be a gentleman?

Most people have a wrong impression of what it means to be a gentleman. They reduce it to appearances. Is he presentable or not? It’s true, gentlemen have to look good and be presentable. They must maintain good hygiene and, above all, smell good!


However, these are superficial details. Being a gentleman is more than dressing smartly and smelling nice. It is the personality that plays the most important role.

Being a gentleman means acting with distinction and courtesy. Gentlemen show very good behavior and are cordial. They manage to keep their composure with any type of woman, as they are very calm people. Yes, even with rude women! Not just because someone is rude to you, you are rude back!

Besides, they are very attentive! For this reason they are so popular among the ladies. Who wouldn’t like to have an attentive, cordial and gentle man by her side?

What does a modern gentleman look like?

modern gentleman wearing a light grey suit, black tie and sunglasses on field

Politeness is the most significant characteristic of a gentleman. The other traits are closely related to being polite.

It all starts with the greeting. A gentleman knows how to give a perfect handshake. It shouldn’t be too tight, but it shouldn’t be too weak either โ€” find the perfect middle! That’s how you make a good impression!

Being polite means helping others. Not just women, but everyone. However, it doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself for other people. It’s the little details and gestures that make the difference. Opening the door for someone or giving directions, for example.

Gentlemen know how to keep a good conversation going. They are polite and don’t get carried away with gossip. Plus, they never disrespect anyone! These are signs of maturity.

They never get involved in physical violence, under no circumstance other than for self-defense and defending someone else. Whenever necessary, they don’t hesitate to call the authorities. They don’t enable or tolerate bad behavior. They also don’t swear at people and always think before doing or saying anything.

gentlaman holding woman's hand with their foreheads touching

Gentlemen tend to stick to the old ways, especially when it comes to courting a woman. This is what makes them especially charming and how they distinguish themselves from other men. On a date, for example, they would not hesitate to pay the restaurant bill and would never ask a woman to split the bill them.

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However, not all women in 2021 are fine with this “old” tradition of men paying the bill every time. In fact, some women even see it as an insult. They want to express their independence, so they don’t like this treatment.

How does a true gentleman deal with such a situation? He insists in paying alone once and watches her reaction. Based on that, he makes his decision. Remember: being tolerant and attuned to other people’s feelings is part of being a gentleman.

Being a gentleman is no longer limited to being born into a specific social class. Therefore, anyone can become one and have lots of success among even the most demanding women. Give it a try!