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Secret revealed: How to really attract a woman

The internet is full of tips on how to attract a woman. Whether they work or not, that’s another story. That’s why today we bring to you scientifical evidence on what men could really do to attract women. And we are telling in advance; the secret is very simple!!

The study

How to attract a woman

A study in the field of social psychology aimed to investigate the sources of romantic attraction. And they made an exciting finding: uncertainty might be one of the basic ingredients of it.

The researchers performed an experiment with college women where they showed them some men’s Facebook profiles. Then they asked them to inform how attracted they felt by those men. However, before getting the answer, each woman was given information on how much that man was attracted to her – (a) a lot, (b) an average amount or (c) either a lot or an average amount (uncertain condition).

The findings

Comparing the first two conditions, the results showed that women felt more attracted to men who were also very attracted to them, then to men who were attracted to them on average. This result can be explained by the reciprocity principle, which states that we tend to respond to an action with an equivalent action. However, overall, the highest level of women’s attraction was towards the men in the uncertainty category. In other words, women preferred the guys which they weren’t sure whether the appeal was reciprocal or not, then the guys that clearly liked them.

How to really attract a woman

How to attract a woman

Based on these results, the conclusion is simple. If you want a woman to feel attracted to you, do not make clear how attracted to her you are. In other words, when you create uncertainty about how much you like someone, the person’s interest in you will likely increase. Why? Basically, because when we are not sure about an outcome, we will think so much about that, that we can hardly think about anything else.

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