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Types of Sugar Baby: the Humble One

This is part 5 of our blog series about the different kinds of sugar babies. We’ll be explaining what leads humble, modest women to become sugar babies and what they expect from their sugar daddies.

The humble sugar baby

humble sugar baby thinking about life

Among the sugar babies, there is also a type of woman who does not need much to be happy. This specimen is rather modest and tries to avoid being noticed as much as possible. A woman like her feels uncomfortable if she has the impression of being a burden to someone. Sometimes she cannot hide this discomfort. For this reason, the humble sugar baby is a rare find. Because not many humble people feel comfortable asking for financial support β€” at least not with a clear conscience.

The humble sugar baby does not need much to be happy

Becoming part of the sugar bowl was probably not the first choice of the humble woman when she became aware of her need for money. But in the end, she had no choice. She couldn’t think of any better option. The humiliation of asking the state for money would be too much. She concluded that she’d feel more comfortable establishing some kind of relationship with a “patron”. To her, it is easier to accept money from someone she knows personally who wouldn’t think bad of her for it. Even better if she feels appreciated by him for her humble character.

humble sugar baby looking at small flower bouquet

Yes, if her sugar daddy actually knows her, then she can justify the whole thing to herself. And he would still benefit from supporting her. Already on the first date, the two of them would clarify what they expect from each other, where their boundaries are and if they like each other at all. If this last point is also true, the humble sugar baby will surely have a much lighter conscience. That’s for sure.

To be continued…

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