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I have a Sugar Daddy – My Reasons

Why do I have a sugar daddy?

I am a student. I am young and beautiful, with long blond hair, a figure to kill for and the smile of a Mona Lisa. I can have just about any boyfriend I want – including most of my professors. So why do I have a sugar daddy?
The answer is quite simple: I’ve went out with a lot of fellow students in the past and most of the time they are just as poor as I am. Many of them took me to some or other diner for a burger and a cola – and afterwards they wanted me to reward them for the effort!

I have a Sugar Daddy

My sugar daddy is still quite young, very active, and he literally rolls in the money. He is just too busy for a full-time girlfriend who wants to discuss the future of their relationship every second night. He wants what I want: A hassle-free relationship which benefits both parties.

That brings me to a second reason why I have a sugar daddy. Mine is intelligent, well-traveled and well-informed. He travels the world for this job and he has the most amazing stories to tell about faraway lands and their foods and customs. Most of the younger guys studying with me are interested in only two things: sex and cars, in that order. They can’t even pinpoint Guatemala on a map, and they certainly don’t know what the Cambodians mean with a ‘Happy Pizza’.

I have a sugar daddy because it makes sense

Another reason why I have a sugar daddy instead of a boyfriend is because I study long hours and I just don’t have the time or the emotional stamina to be there for someone else around the clock. My sugar daddy understands this, and in fact he is in the same situation. His work keeps him extremely busy, but when he has time he also craves the company of a beautiful, intelligent young creature like me.

My parents don’t know I have a sugar daddy

While most of my friends know about Frank (my sugar daddy) I haven’t had the guts to tell my parents yet. My father is fairly open-minded. He had an affair with the pastor’s wife once, but my mother will get a stroke if she finds out I have a sugar daddy. She spends her days cooking and baking and cleaning and she adores my dad, so she wouldn’t understand. My brother knows about Frank, but he thinks he’s just a guy I go out with now and again. Perhaps I will tell him first that I have a sugar daddy so he can start preparing my parents for the truth.

Now that you know I have a sugar daddy, you are free to judge me. But let me tell you this: Both Frank and I are very content with this relationship and right now I want nothing more.