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I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend

I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend at the same time

I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend and will tell you how to balance them. So if you happen to be in a situation where you have a loving boyfriend and a wonderful sugar daddy, don’t worry. It happens and it once happened to me. So the question if I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend should not worry you. What you need is to learn to balance a sugar daddy and a boyfriend. However, it’s not easy to balance the separate parts of life. It takes effort to make sure each person feels they are in a meaningful relationship and they are not wasting their time. The point is you are not the first, and you are not going to be the last experiencing this.
Every relationship is different with varies amount of factors to consider. Learn to balance both of them and make sure they are both satisfied. Give each one of them meaningful time to spend together and get to balance your emotions. I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend; it’s probably a relationship of sugar and honey so know your priorities and follow them accordingly.

I Have A Sugar Daddy and A Boyfriend: Creating Boundaries


I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend, consider discussing boundaries with both of them. You can find your relationship with a sugar daddy to be purely platonic. You could hug him and let him hold your hand once in a while, but don’t kiss or have sex with him. Contrary to what most people think, some sugar daddies don’t want sex! They just want a good company. Tell him about the boundaries and if he is okay with it, continue with the relationship. There are some things that you discuss with your sugar daddy that you need to keep the confidence.

You also need to talk to your boyfriend, and if some things have no bearing on your relationship, you both don’t need to know. Of course, there is a chance of getting attached to my sugar daddy, therefore you need to be open. Boundaries will help you juggle with both of them without drama arising. While I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend, creating boundaries and enjoying life is important.

I Have A Sugar Daddy And A Boyfriend: Be Transparent And Prepare To Make Decisions

I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend; consider being transparent since lying can take so much effort and hurt people. Making everybody aware of the situation is not only a right thing to do, but also make having both of them easier. It will be easy to tell your boyfriend if you are going to hang out with your sugar daddy. If you are on a date with your boyfriend and your sugar daddy calls, you can tell him you are busy with your boyfriend.

I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend – there might come a day when, for whatever reason, you will have to choose between the two of them. One day you will have to choose who to live with. So the most important thing is to communicate with the two parties involved. Make them aware of the situation as early as now.