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I have a Sugar Daddy – My Sugar Baby story

Why I Have a Sugar Daddy – introduction

The dating world has changed over the years. Gone are the days when men and women looked for conventional relationships. Today it’s more of a survival tactic; sugar babies need extra cash to foot their bills and lavish lifestyles while older men want companionship and sex. Thanks to various apps and websites like, sugar daddies and sugar babies can meet in a matter of minutes.

The competition is so intense that this complicated world has developed its vocabulary like salt daddies to mean men who want attention but don’t want to part with cash and vanilla meaning traditional relationships. Most of these women are college students or recent graduates in their twenties. Apart from the cash-related perks they look for, they confess to enjoying other benefits. I recently bumped into a friend who couldn’t get why I have a sugar daddy, and this is the explanation that resulted.

I have a Sugar Daddy

I Have a Sugar Daddy because He is Experienced

Men get better with age; their life and work experiences along with previous relationships teach them a lot of lessons to make situations better. Looking back at my relationship with my college boyfriend, I couldn’t regret a second about why I have a sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are mature, confident and know what they want. I hooked up with my sugar daddy two years after breaking up with my boyfriend, and I must say there is less drama in my life. We both knew what we wanted and didn’t waste time trying to see if it would work. He takes care of all my bills, and I get to enjoy the enviable life of every girl. I hope my friend understands why I have a sugar daddy.

I Have a Sugar Daddy because He treats me Better

Sugar babies have different sexual preferences, but they all appreciate sugar daddies who can respect them. Sugar daddies have had their fair share of long-term and short-term relationships that give them an edge when it comes to handling women. While sugar daddy and baby arrangments are about sex and money, the old champs know how to control their urges more responsibly and are conscious about their partner’s emotional and financial needs. They know so much about pleasing women in bed because they understand them better. Apart from the financial perks, I have a sugar daddy because he knows how to satisfy a woman.

I have a Sugar Daddy because He is Stable

The idea behind these relationship types is money. Sugar daddies are financially stable compared to their counterparts in their late twenties. Having secured a good job in one of the best audit firms, I couldn’t settle for anything less. I have a sugar daddy because he is not threatened by my success and still offers to foot my bills despite my good pay.