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I Need a Sugar Daddy


I Need a Sugar Daddy in my life


Campus life is certainly not what I thought it would be; I need a sugar daddy. I thought I would never have to say this, but I honestly need a sugar daddy. Life in these dingy campus hostels is not very pleasant; I detest the financial strain that I have to go through. My friends were as broke as I am when we initially began life as sorority girls but now they keep telling me that I need a sugar daddy. I keep lying to myself, assuming that my well-off to be girlfriends are not doing the right thing, but I know there is really nothing wrong they are doing. I know that just like they did back then and still do now, I need a sugar daddy. For the sake of living lavish, settling debts, viewing stellar art pieces for my inspiration and touring the world

I need a sugar daddy to life a good life

Dating my peers has become so meaningless, so demeaning, and so not very cool. Boyfriends in college are seldom romantic, and even more rarely so faithful. They add no value to my life, or those of my friends, but are very keen on taking so much value out of my ego, femininity and time. They have very little to offer and so much to take. I need a sugar daddy, a mature senior gentleman with the care and ability to listen to me, mentor me, sponsor me and spoil me. I need a gentleman’s command; one that is not characteristically possessive. I Need a Sugar DaddyI need a sugar daddy because such a man always knows that ladies are free to explore and does not endeavour to curtail their interactions with other gentlemen of value. A sponsor would only ever reprimand a sugar babe if her behaviour was reckless and undermining the quality of time he spends with her. The sponsor that I need will be busy with his work and other arrangements to allow me time off him to work, to explore, and to grow. For the sake of a blissful life of good financial position, peace of mind and exuberant industrial connection, I need a sugar daddy.

I need a Sugar Daddy to finance all I got

I resolved that I need a sugar daddy when I visited and discovered the vast connections that the website had to offer sugar babes with rich and prosperous senior gentlemen looking for young ladies to mentor, to sponsor and to guide. I was convinced of making proper profile arrangements to attract these fine guardians and negotiate proper sugar baby terms with them. Now, more than ever, I need a sugar daddy. I need a sugar daddy to take of me and meet my needs for a life luxury. But I don’t need a sugar daddy anymore; I already got one. You are the one who needs a sugar daddy so visit and get yourself one, or two.