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International Mother Language Day

The most beautiful things you could say to a woman in her mother tongue

The International Mother Language Day is celebrated on the 21 of February. Given that the MySugardaddy community is very international, we will take this opportunity to teach you some romantic phrases you could use to impress your Sugar Baby in her mother tongue.

And, of course, we will include all the languages of the MySugardaddy community. This way, no Sugar Daddy will be left not knowing what to say to his Sugar Baby on this special date!

Origin of the International Mother Language Day

This day was created in Bangladesh in 1999 and has been celebrated yearly all over the world since 2000, when the UNESCO declared it International Mother Language Day. It aims to highlight the value of languages and linguistic diversity in interculturality. Raising awareness of this topic is important, as more and more languages are becoming extinct due to the effects of globalization on some societies.

The importance of mother tongues

According to the UNESCO, 43% of languages are at risk of becoming extinct. That means that, on average, one language becomes extinct every two weeks. Preserving endangered languages is a fundamental task in order to prevent groups of people from being segregated by larger societies and from having access to quality education. This would consequently enable minorities to keep developing.


Languages also deserve to be preserved because of the great cultural heritage they represent, which is unique and proper to each culture. Moreover, languages reflect the way of thinking of the societies that speak them as well as their traditions and worldview. In other words, language is the basis for our thinking and helps us to express our emotions. Each language has its own particularities.

Expressing feelings in the mother tongue

Many of us have learnt one or several foreign languages. To some of us, who decided to move to a different country, speaking a second language has become part of our daily lives. However, that doesn’t mean we stopped speaking our mother tongues interely.

We tend to prefer our native language to express great emotional intensity, like feelings of anger, sadness or disappointment. It just feels more natural and easier to do it in such situations.

Science seems to agree: the same is suggested by the theory of Emotion-Related Language Choice. According to it, bilingual speakers change from their mother tongue to their second language depending on the emotional charge of what they are expressing. They choose their first language to express strong emotions. A common example is that of intercultural marriages, in which bilinguals tend to immediately switch to their mother tongue when resolving a conflict with their partner.

But the mother tongue does not only shine through in connection with negative feelings, but also when it comes to expressing love. That’s why we brought you the most beautiful phrases in several languages so that you can melt your Sugar Baby’s heart. It will work even better if her main love language is words of affirmation.

And, of course, we also included a translation, but note that they sound even better in the original 😉

card celebrating the International Mother Language Day


“Si yo fuese el mar y tú una roca, haría subir la marea para besar tu boca”

Translation: “If I were the sea and you were a rock, I’d make the tide rise to kiss your lips.”

This saying alludes to all the difficulties someone in love is willing to overcome to be next to their loved one.


couple kissing in celebration of the International Mother Language Day

Je veux vivre dans tes yeux, mourir dans tes bras et être enterré dans ton cœur

Translation: “I would like to live through your eyes, die in your arms and be buried in your heart.”

Intense, right?


“Per il mondo tu sei soltanto cualcuna, per me tu sei il mondo”

Translation: “To the world, you’re just another person, to me, you are the world.”

Doesn’t it capture very well how we feel when we’re in love? I love that feeling that the other person is the center of my universe.


“Du hast mir ein Lächeln auf das Gesicht gezaubert”.

Translation: “you conjured a smile on my face”, a really magical and somewhat mystical way of saying you made someone smile.

People often say that Germans are very cold, but this is a tiny piece of proof they have lots of love in their hearts.


“Jedno spojrzenie w twe cudowne oczy i zapominam o każdej złości”

Translation: “All it takes is looking into your beautiful eyes for me to forget all my anger.”

man kissing woman's forehead


“Eu poderia dizer mil palavras, mas nenhuma traduziria bem o quanto você é uma pessoa maravilhosa”

Translation:I could say a thousand words, but none of them could express how wonderful a person you are.”

Sometimes words are not enough to express all the love we can feel for a person.

What about you? Do you have a favorite romantic phrase in your native language?