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Journaling: a Key to Success

How many times have you started a journal only to stop a few days later? And how nice wouldn’t it be to open a diary now and relive moments that have long since disappeared from your memory? A diary is much more than a container of memories: journaling is a powerful tool to improve your life and become successful.

That’s why we want to talk to you about the advantages of keeping a diary and where to start.

Why take to journaling?

1- Journaling helps you organize your thoughts and reduce stress

woman journaling at her desk

We are often stressed because our minds are full of thoughts and things to do, we have trouble setting priorities or getting an overview.

By writing down everything that comes through our heads, we empty our minds, unloading everything onto the sheet of paper in front of us. Now we can see everything clearly, establish priorities and understand which things are really important and which, all in all, we can do without.

2 – It makes you reflect

The mere fact of having to express a thought in words forces us to analyze it. In doing so, we face our fears and concerns, without trying to ignore them. By admitting to our anxieties, we can find effective solutions and face them once and for all.

3 – It keeps you on track

In your diary, you can write a list of all your goals and ambitions, as well as resolutions for the new year, month, week or day. This is your space, so don’t worry about exaggerating or adding too many details. For example, if you are looking for a partner, describe how you would like it to be. This will help you understand what attributes are important to you and, therefore, what to pay attention to during a date.

4 – It allows you to stop and think

woman writing in her diary on couch

Life goes by so fast that we often don’t take the time to stop and observe it. Especially when we have so many things to do, we don’t stop to think about what we have that is beautiful, what we are grateful for and what we have achieved. Thanks to the personal diary we can do this work of introspection and develop more awareness about our lives.

What to write in a journal

The most effective technique to get rid of stress is certainly not to follow any rules or structure. Just enter the date and then you can give free rein to all your thoughts. One day you can tell what happened to you, how you feel about it and what thoughts torment you, and another day you can talk about your goals and what you are doing to achieve them.

Let the words flow freely, even though sometimes they may not make sense. This is your personal space and you can do whatever you want. This is also why it is important to be honest and not lie. After all, why would you lie to yourself?

When to write

The ideal would be to write whenever you feel like. However, to begin with, you could choose a specific time of day or, if writing every day seems too demanding for you, start writing once a week. You will surely have a lot to tell about the past seven days and you can surely find time to do it.

Also, my advice is to write at night before you go to sleep. This way it will be easier to get to sleep because you will have a clearer mind.

Writing by hand or typing

woman writing in her journal by hand on lawn

The act of writing by hand is becoming more and more a nostalgic and somewhat antiquated gesture. Without a doubt, the scent of a new notebook, the feeling of the pen stroking the paper and the sight of your thoughts occupying physical space are sensations that you can’t have through a cold computer.

But there is more: on the computer, changes leave no trace. We can erase a thought we don’t like and it will disappear forever. It’s not the same on paper, where every word cut, every sentence modified and reworded several times, stays there and makes us understand which topics are difficult to express.

For these reasons, I believe that handwriting is fundamental to better understand our thoughts. In addition, by writing in a notebook, you no longer have to fear that everything disappears with a simple click.


In this article, we have seen how journaling can help us organize our thoughts, know ourselves better and be successful.

Have you ever tried out journaling? Tell us about it in the comments.