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Kissing my sugar daddy

Kissing my sugar daddy – How I got into sugar dating

The sugar dating world is a wonderful place, and if you are a sugar baby, then it can be a very rewarding, and fun way of dating. As with all types of dating, one thing at the forefront of your mind, will probably be about kissing. This could be the first kiss you share with your partner, or how you should treat kissing, as in at the beginning of the date, or at the end. With sugar dating, if you are in a relationship, and wondering about kissing my sugar daddy, then this can become something that is easy to overthink.

A sugar daddy has certain expectations of their sugar baby. It is vitally important that the sugar baby meets these if the relationship is to be successful. Kissing can be one of these expectations, and this intimate act made between two people can become something you need to prepare for.

This article focuses on the subject of kissing my sugar daddy, and will certainly give you some things to think about. Read on to find out more.


Kissing my sugar daddy – my exciting dating experience

Kissing my sugar daddy

Kissing my sugar daddy

So you have decided to date the sugar way, and the topic of kissing my sugar daddy may not have even entered your mind yet. In fact you may not have even been on your first date yet! So a sugar relationship is different for these reasons;* It may not be an exclusive relationship.

* Every time you date, it may need to be discrete.
* As a sugar baby you need to be on top form, on every date.
* You may need to come up with a type of contract looking at when you will date, how often you will date etc…
* Gifts, or a money allowance may occur.
* Normal date rules such as kissing my sugar daddy, will need to be discussed between sugar daddy and sugar baby.
* This type of relationship is about the here and now, so is mutually beneficial, making sure sugar daddy, and sugar baby, get exactly what they want and need.

The above happens because the sugar daddy is often a slightly wealthier, older man. He wants to date in a fun, relaxed way. The sugar baby is preferably somebody who wants to date to have fun. This does not necessarily involve a relationship which will turn into love and last forever. This sugar relationship works as long as both sugar daddy and sugar baby know that it is about the present. It’s not what will happen in the future.


Kissing my sugar daddy on a date for money


Now a sugar baby decides to date this way for different reasons. This could be about having a fun relationship, companionship, or money. A sugar relationship is therefore kind of like a business contract. This becomes especially important when money is involved, reiterating again why sugar baby, and sugar daddy, need to both be happy.

Date for money

Date for money

So, this leads us onto the topic of kissing my sugar daddy. Although a sugar relationship is like a contract at times, it is 100% still a valid relationship. All topics are therefore up to discussion, which includes kissing. There is no harm in bringing up the topic of kissing my sugar daddy with him, as soon as you feel comfortable to do so. By doing this, you will know whether you can kiss him, and what his expectations are with the topic.

Most sugar daddy’s will know that topics such as money, and sex will come up at some point, so do not feel too nervous about it. If you do find the sugar daddy attractive, then you probably will think about kissing my sugar daddy quite quickly.

There is no right or wrong way to discuss the topic of kissing my sugar daddy with him. It is one that you will have to judge when you go on your date with him. What we will say though, is that the sooner you do it, the sooner you will feel relaxed. Before your first date, write down a list of things you wish to discuss. These can include the following;

* Kissing my sugar daddy.
* Will money be involved?
* Sex expectations.
* Date expectations.
* Relationship expectations.

The fantastic thing about dating the sugar way, is that anything is up for discussion.


Should I be kissing my sugar daddy?

One word that springs to mind here is absolutely! Kissing my sugar daddy is probably going to be number one on a lot of peoples lists. This is because

the sugar daddy and sugar baby are in a relationship. Any relationship in the dating world will involve kissing, so get used to the idea. As a sugar baby, it will be expected of you, the same as things like money may be expected of the sugar daddy. The main thing to remember is that kissing my sugar daddy, although it may have to happen a certain way, is nothing to be scared about.

If you have discussed it with them already, then you should feel more relaxed about the subject. If you haven’t by the time you read this article, then go do it. The one question you may be thinking is should I be the one to kiss my sugar daddy first? This is a very personal choice, and will depending on a few features such as how attractive you find them, how passionate they feel towards you, and if it is the right time. If it feels right though, go for it.


Why I love kissing my sugar daddy


Kissing my sugar daddy can be an absolutely wonderful thing. Although as the sugar baby you may not feel like you are in a proper relationship, believe me when we say you are! Every date you go on enjoy it, and every time any subject such as money, or sex is involved, just embrace it. You will have much more fun this way.

One of the greatest things about the sugar dating world is that there are so many people doing it. So many people who have been in the situation you are in. Every sugar baby probably has at some point worried or thought about the topic of kissing my sugar daddy. This should tell you, that you are not alone! Kissing and sex are a normal part of dating, so just enjoy it. That’s my sugar daddy experience, and kissing my sugar daddy is perfectly fine for me.

Hints and tips to kissing my sugar daddy

By now you should know a little bit more about how to date the sugar way. Topics such as kissing my sugar daddy and money can be discussed right from the beginning. You should also realise by now that kissing my sugar daddy is normal, and that you should try to relax about the subject. This section is here to provide you with a few more hints and tips. Begin your journey feeling confident, and ready to have fun as a sugar baby.

Sugar baby money date

Sugar baby money date

* If you can, get yourself some contacts in the sugar industry. There are many people out there who are enjoying being as sugar baby, and will be happy to swap some other hints and tips with you. If you are nervous about kissing my sugar daddy, or about the topic of money, then talk to others.

* At any point during any date with your sugar daddy, if you have burning questions, then just ask them. The sugar way can be quite daunting if you are new to it, so take your time, think about what you want to know, and just ask.


Sugar baby money date: Is kissing my sugar daddy expected?


* As the sugar baby, get used to that there will be expectations of you. Your sugar daddy may not want you kissing them in public, and if this happens then you need to go with the flow. You are free to ask his reasons why, but at all times you need to respect the sugar daddy’s decision.

* The great thing about the sugar scene, is that there are lots of people writing blogs, discussing their relationship, money, a date they have been on etc… in chat rooms now. You can easily find more information out regarding kissing my sugar daddy, if you do some research.

* At all times being a sugar baby, you will need to potentially be discrete. This is not just in reference to kissing in public, but pictures of you kissing my sugar daddy, are probably best not shared all over social media. That is without consent from the sugar daddy of course.

* If you go on a date with your sugar daddy, and decide that kissing my sugar daddy is simply not an option, then this is fine. It could be that you do not fancy him, and trust me this does happen, and is OK. Any date, or sugar relationship can be ended at any time, and this can be done by the sugar daddy, or sugar baby. That’s life for you!


Conclusion to kissing my sugar daddy

So there we have it, kissing my sugar daddy is something you need to discuss with your sugar daddy, but it can be absolutely fine. When I think ways how to keep my sugar daddy happy, kissing my sugar daddy certainly comes to mind. A sugar relationship is extremely unique and sometimes delicate, especially is amounts of money are involved. If you do wish to date the sugar way, potentially receive money along the way, then you need to act like a fantastic sugar baby. We will say again, there is no harm in discussing the topic of kissing my sugar daddy with him as soon as you feel comfortable.

What are you waiting for then? Sugar dating is a fun, rewarding, memorable, and at times amazing experience. Most people who date this way are having a great time. As discussed in the hints section, sugar dating can be very rewarding. Get yourself some sugar contacts now, and begin to start enjoying kissing my sugar daddy.