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Living with my sugar daddy

Living with Sugar Daddy – how my dating life has changed

In a few instances, a sugar daddy can fall in love with you to the point of asking you to move in with him. Nothing is new in the sugar-dating world; the dating could result into exciting situations that benefit a sugar baby beyond her expectations. On the contrary, they can also turn sour. However, if you are a determined baby, you will work hard to keep your sugar daddy in the relationships as much as you can as I did when I was living with my sugar daddy.

Living with my sugar daddy has been a great and wonderful experience that I would encourage a sugar baby do move in with her sugar daddy. Living with my sugar daddy has not been all easy because it has changed both my life and his in a significant way. In sugar dating, all experiences have their consequences; it is wise to consider all options before engaging in serious agreements with your sugar daddy. When living with my sugar daddy, I reaped many benefits and learned many do’s and don’ts of sugar dating.


Living with my sugar daddy: The financial and emotional benefits

Living with my sugar daddy

Living with my sugar daddy

1. Your Rent is Covered
I reaped this obvious benefit from living with my sugar daddy who already had his own apartment. With the high cost of living and other expenses piling up, a sugar baby can find much relieve from moving in with her sugar daddy. The reason why we all go for sugar dating is to enjoy the benefits that come with it. If your old rich man has many houses, you can move into one of them and avoid the stress of paying rent every month.

2. He will Have easy access to his baby
Living with my sugar daddy made it easy for us to spend more time together. I was living in one of his houses for free. He could come any time of the day since he knows where to find me. When dating a sugar daddy you have to travel most of the time to meet him. However when you are right under his roof, he can easily reach to you whenever he needs to spend time with you. In sugar relationships, a sugar baby is younger and therefore expected to make most of the sacrifices as long as she gets her fortune in time.


Living with my sugar daddy provided unexpected perks


3. More Space all to yourself
What more does a sugar baby dream for other than a big luxurious house where she can keep all her fancy dresses and shoes in classy closets? When I stated living with my sugar daddy, I realized that the house was mine to use. The large closet in my room, luxurious couches and the enormous golden bathtubs were all mine for as long as I gave him what he wanted. With more space, a sugar baby can buy all her dresses bags and shoes and not have to worry about where to keep them.

4. He Delivers your allowance in time
When I started living with my sugar daddy, my allowances never delayed since I was within reach. Sugar dating is all about money and great sex. And as long as you are in his house, he gets sex whenever he feels like it. This means there should never be any excuses for not giving your allowance in time. No sugar baby likes it when allowance is not given in time. After all, the whole point of being in the relationship is for the financial gain. When you are living with your sugar daddy love, you can ask him face to face about your allowance and get it there and then.


What I Learnt From Living with My Sugar Daddy

1. No Strings Attached Relationship
Sugar dating is usually exciting because no sugar baby wants to settle down and have children at a young life. All they look for in love affairs with older men is money and luxurious living. Sugar dating is just like friends with benefits relationship where the people involved know exactly what they are in for. Living with my sugar daddy taught me that during the introduction phase of sugar dating, both the sugar baby and daddy discuss and agree on the benefits each should get from the relationship, which they all know can end anytime. When living with my sugar daddy, I had my life to myself and did not have to answer everything to him.

2. No need to Work
I have never lacked anything since I started living with my sugar daddy. He covers all expenses and bills. Food is always in the fridge and shelves; he lives money for me just in case I have to buy house staff from the grocery. My allowance never delays for my personal use and expenses. A sugar daddy should be wealthy enough to cover all your expenses. All a sugar baby needs to do to look nice keep fit and satisfy their daddy. When living with my sugar daddy, he never liked it when am tired and cannot perform well in bed, I, therefore, quit working at the clothes store kicked back and relaxed for my daddy to feed me while I met his sexual needs.


How living with my sugar daddy has improved my social life


3. Honesty Based Relationship
When living with my sugar daddy, I realized that most wealthy men are busy and have a lot to attend to on a daily basis. They, therefore, cannot afford to lie to their baby or to be lied to. Sugar relationships are majorly based on trust since they are just like any other love relationships. A sugar baby and sugar daddy should always know what the relationship is for to ensure all their needs are met. The whole point of sugar dating is the fulfilment of personal needs whether sexual or financial, therefore, a sugar daddy will always be honest with you and so should you be.

Sugar Baby Life

Sugar Baby Life

4. Personal Time with Friends is A Guarantee
My sugar daddy has never denied me time to spend with other sugar babies. He even allowed me to bring them into the house and hang out with them when he was not in the house. My sugar daddy has never been clingy; he allowed me to go out with my friends and even gave me money to spend with them. When living with my sugar daddy, I realized that most sugar daddies had had a lot of experience in dating and they learned from their mistakes.


Sugar Dating is a Mutually Benefiting Relationship

When living with my sugar daddy, he would meet my needs as I met his, that is all a sugar baby wants. When getting into sugar dating, a sugar baby should know that her needs must be met as long as she meets those of her daddy. In sugar relationships, a sugar baby gets money gifts and luxurious treatment while the daddy will get all the love and sex he can think of.  Can you marry your sugar daddy if the relationship is based on such an arrangement? Marriage is on the table for some, true. But if there’s one thing I have learned from living with my sugar daddy, then it’s that both parties involved in sugar dating should reap all the benefits of the engagement. It does not matter whether these are sexual, love, companionship or financial support.


Living with my sugar daddy means I get to travel a lot


6. You get to Travel Worldwide
I have visited a countless number of places when living with my sugar daddy. We always go on trips to help him relax from work and professional duties. A sugar daddy has a lot of money to spend on both you. He can afford luxurious cruise ships and hotel for just the two of you to enjoy and spend quality time together. When going on business trips, he might need you to accompany him and dress for him to show the world his young baby. His private jets and cars could take you places just as long as you keep pressing the right buttons.

7. You Get sexually satisfied every time He gets Downs on You
Most sugar babies have a high sexual appetite that needs satisfaction, too. From living with my sugar daddy, I learned that older men are often more experienced. They know how to make you feel like a woman in all manner of ways you can think of. A sugar baby does not want to be with an old man who cannot make her scream in satisfaction whenever they have sex. When living with my first sugar daddy, I have always been sexually satisfied. He knows where to touch, how to hold and when to stop. Sugar babies love men who know how to do it right and shower them with money afterward.


Why living with my sugar daddy suits my lifestyle


8. Sugar Dating Comes with a Glamorous Life
Sugar dating is one of the quickest ways to climb the ladder to success for most young ladies. You can easily get those heels that you love and fancy dresses from all over the world. When living with my sugar daddy, I never had to worry about how to pay for that expensive jewel I saw in a store. All I had to do was ask. When dating an older rich man who knows that his baby must give much up to his wealth and wears those expensive dresses life is nothing but a great experience that we all love to enjoy. A sugar baby can be able to buy all that she wants from her allowance and get expensive gifts when her daddy comes back from business trips.


How to Treat Your Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy Love Relationship

Sugar Daddy Love Relationship

1. Always Make Him Laugh and Laugh Along
A sugar baby should have a great sense of humor; your daddy should always be happy around you. When living with my sugar daddy, I realized that he came from work or his other house very tired and gloomy. As a great sugar baby, I would cheer him and shower all my love on him. Older men have a lot to deal with, from divorce to work related problems. That’s why they seek out younger babes to brighten their day. Sugar dating for most men is usually for a chance to enjoy life outside their nagging wives or busy work schedules. When living with my sugar daddy, I found out that it is the duty of a sugar baby to entertain her daddy all the time with the right kind of humor and help him loosen u.

2. Always Entice Him
Your looks and personality are generally, what attracted that rich man to you. A sugar baby should keep her appearance gorgeous and sexy all the time; she should dress for the occasion. If he invites you to dinner with his fellow executives, dress to match it up. When living with my sugar daddy, I realized that a sugar baby could often get too comfortable and forget to keep her charm. Always wear your make up lightly and put on sexy clothing whenever around him, but be descent and comfortable. Simply maintain what attracted him to you at all times. Wear a sexy perfume that is floral and natural; men like it when a sugar babe smells and look nice.


Be mindful of your sugar baby privileges


3. Have a Class of Your Own
Nothing its a sexy, intelligent woman with a class of her own. A sugar baby should be not only great for her looks but also sharp with her mannerism. Teach yourself dining manners and simple etiquette that most people forget to use. Keep your head high and always maintain a straight look, which shows you know what you are into. Always plan what you want to say and avoid making random statements that might be questionable. When dating a rich man, a baby should know that he meets many people so she ought to be outstanding. Avoid getting too drunk which might lead to unnecessary arguments between the two of you out in public.

There is a lot to learn in the sugar world; a sugar baby should be open to new ideas and options. When living with my sugar daddy, I learned a lot about them that one might not get from other sugar babies. The only thing that matters in sugar relationships is the comfort of those involved. Communication and honesty are key to ensuring a long lasting arrangement that benefits both of you. However, keep it in the back of your mind that sugar dating is not meant to last long nor lead to marriage. Nevertheless, love might grow between a sugar daddy and his girl, which is not wrong. When it is time to leave, you should do so and get on with life, as there are many rich men who are out there for you to explore.