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Love according to different languages

If different languages where like predictable text, how would they complete the sentence “love is”? Well, as a person who is passionate about languages, I got curious and decided to figure it out myself.

Here are the best famous quotes about this amazing feeling by some Portuguese, German and Spanish-speaking personalities along with their English translation. Get ready for some cheesy, inspiring, heartwarming stuff!


Cada qual sabe amar a seu modo; o modo, pouco importa; o essencial é que saiba amar.” Machado de Assis (Brazilian author)

Translation: “Everybody loves their way; the way, doesn’t matter; what is essential is to know how to love.”

Do you think everyone knows how to? If yes, that also implies there’s no wrong way to do it! But wait… what about… stalkers? Well, this author lived in the 19th century, way before stalkers became a thing 😅

"be my valentine" written on a board

Amai, porque nada melhor para a saúde que um amor correspondido.” Vinicius de Moraes (Brazilian poet)

Translation: “Love, because there’s nothing better for your health than corresponded love.”

Another good reason to looove!

O que a memória ama, fica eterno. Te amo com a memória, imperecível.Adélia Prado

Translation: “What the memory loves, becomes eternal. I love you with my memory, imperishable.”

Oh wow… let that sink in. Of course a woman wrote it! 😍


Wenn du eine Rose liebst, liebst du auch ihre Dornen. Wenn du jemanden liebst, liebst du auch seine Fehler.” (Anonymous)

Translation: “When you love a rose, you also love its thorns. When you love someone, you also love their flaws.”

And there we go… Germans always keep it real!

neon sign that reads "love 24 hours"

Wer Liebe erfährt, versteht den Sinn des Lebens.” (Jole von Weißenberg)

Translation: “A person who experiences love understands the meaning of life”

Is a life without love even worth living? I don’t think so, and that is why I’m constantly in search for it.

“Wer sucht, findet nicht, aber wer nicht sucht, wird gefunden. ” (Franz Kafka, German author)

Translation: “The person who searches doesn’t find, but the person who does not search is found.”

Let’s all pray that also applies to sugar dating 😜 Isn’t life much easier when the sugar daddy finds you instead of you being the one doing the chasing?

“Ich fürchte nichts — nichts — als die Grenzen deiner Liebe.” (Friedrich von Schiller, German poet)

Translation: “I fear nothing — nothing — but the limits of your love.

Oh yes! That reminds me of another Brazilian quote directly related to this one that I can’t find anymore, but it goes something like this: “the only infinite thing besides the universe is love.”


woman carrying flowers

Escoge a una persona que te mire como si quizás fuera magia.” (Frida Khalo, Mexican artist)

Translation: “Choose a person who will look at you as if you were magic.”


En asuntos de amor, los locos son los que tienen más experiencia. De amor no preguntes nunca a los cuerdos; los cuerdos aman cuerdamente, que es como no haber amado nunca.” Jacinto Benavente (Spanish writer)

Translation: “When it comes to love, the crazy are the ones who are the most experienced. Never ask a rational person about love; rational person love rationally, which is the same as never having loved.”

That reminds me of a quote by the American spiritual teacher Teal Swan: “Not one of us came here so we could live our lives carefully. For if we live our lives too carefully, we will simply find that we have arrived at death safely.”

Perdona mi impuntualidad. Me habría encantado haber llegado antes a tu vida.” (Javier Iriondo, life coach)

Translation: “I’m sorry I’m late. I wish I had arrived earlier in your life”.

This guy isn’t really famous (yet), but I had to include this quote by him because it’s the best pick-up line I’ve heard in a long time.

Before I go

girl in front of wall with "love" written several times all over it

I hope you enjoyed these quotes and my translations of them! Did you find some of them particularly touching? Which one(s)?

If you’re like me and loved them so much you’re already thinking about whom you’d like to send them to or would really enjoy receiving them from, words of affirmation might be your love language. To find out, check out our post on love languages in general and this love language in particular.