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40+ yo men: what makes them irresistible

Yes, men over 40 are very attractive. In this article, written by a woman, we will highlight some points that will make you very happy about reaching your 40s 😉 Here are 8 reasons why:

1 – Going from being a boy to a man

40 something men in suit

We’re talking about mature men here. Single or married, with or without children. More precisely, we mean those who take responsibility for their lives, not those who still live with their parents.

In their 30s, many men still behave like boys regarding relationships, children and money. However, men over 40 have more experience and are more mature.

Aristotle, psychology and neuroscience have already confirmed it. That is, they no longer have that overconfidence that leads to imprudence. They are also not too shy. They have the right amount of each. They don’t trust everyone while not distrusting everyone.

This is probably why car insurance becomes much cheaper for men above 40 in many countries.

2 – Men over 40 are more “hands on”

At this point, they already have more experience and awareness that things aren’t so complicated. And that if they can’t solve it, at least they can try. They can fix the shower, help cut the vegetables, or even prepare dinner themselves. We’re not talking about taking a frozen pizza out of the freezer and putting it into the oven, of course.

They already know which restaurant to take you to, choose the perfect wine, buy female hygiene products. But what’s best of all, this is all normal for them. And that’s the way it should be.

3 – Sexual maturity

man in his 40s posing for picture topless

Men over 40 already know that, when it comes to sex, quantity doesn’t mean quality. They’re more aware of a woman’s erogenous areas. And they are no longer too focused on their own pleasure. They also understand that orgasm and penetration are not the only important parts of sex.

4- They know what they want

They say that, at 40, you become who you really are. They don’t drink too much because they know their limits, don’t do things to impress others, but only because they like it. Besides, they usually respect their own feelings more and know what they want for themselves. They are less neurotic with their happiness and enjoy every moment more.

They are usually more direct and true in relationships, without playing games.

5- Men over 40 respect money more

Usually they’ve been wasteful enough until that age. They’ve had fun at parties and trips. They’ve spent a lot on clothes, cars, motorcycles and so on. Today they focus more on investments than spending. They know the power of money and control it well in their lives. They are more conscious about the future.

6 – Some salt and pepper

man with white beard and hair in his 40s

Many get angry when they find the first white hairs. Some even try to hide them with hair dye. But by 40, men realize they are more like wine: the older, the better. They also notice how attractive gray hair can be.

7 – Many women are attracted to men over 40

Psychology and physiology explain why women are more attracted to older men. This is because women devote a large part of their lives to pregnancy and raising children. In other words, in general, they look for partners who have the resources to invest in and sustain a relationship and family. In general, building an estate and financial stability takes much dedication. That makes older partners more attractive to women.

8 – The 40s of today are the 30s of yesterday

Age no longer defines people. Our lives can’t be compared to those of our parents. At least when I was a child, I thought people in their forties were already on their way to retirement. Today, at forty, people are starting college and new professional paths. Some surf, others take on a new hobby, etc.

And speaking of age… are you a Perennial? American digital entrepreneur Gina Pell created the term “Perennial” to describe people of various ages who share the same mentality, which she calls a growth mentality. And that can’t be categorized by their age or generation. She says, “Perennials are always flourishing, they are relevant people who know what is happening in the world. They get involved, keep curious, guide others and are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident, collaborative, think globally”.

So there’s no reason to worry so much about turning 40. Celebrate each day!

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