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My Sugar Daddy Experience

My Sugar Daddy Experience – Dating a mature guy

I have had great experience with sugar daddy dating. In my whole life, I have come to realize that one of the quickest and easiest ways to become rich and live a life that others only dream of, is sugar dating. In my sugar daddy experience, I have been able to learn the dos and donts of sugar dating arrangements that all sugar babies must have at their fingertips. Most sugar babies see their daddies as wealthy entrepreneurs, handsome men or perfect princes to take them to paradise. And it is true, normally the sugar daddy benefits for sugar babies are considerable. However, from my sugar daddy experience, I have learned that it is not always a bed of roses. You must still set your goals right for the kind of life you want. This article will answer most questions asked by sugar babies. It will advise how to keep your sugar daddy hooked to you from my sugar daddy experience, and how to make the sugar daddy spend his fortune on you.

My sugar daddy experience, or: What type of sugar baby are you?

My Sugar Daddy Experience

My Sugar Daddy Experience

First things first, you must know and understand yourself before bringing any other person in your life. It is important to know the kind of sugar baby that you are so that you get the right man for yourself. My sugar daddy experience life taught me that not all babies are the same. Some babies will go from any kind of an as long as he is rich enough. Other babies have to consider the looks of the man and his personality as well. Below is a list of the common types of babies to help you know what kind of baby you are. Always narrow your choices of sugar daddies to your best requirements.


My sugar daddy experience with dating apps


Dating Apps and sites are becoming more popular in colleges and other higher learning institutions. In my sugar daddy experience, I realized that these are the most common types of babies flocking all sugar dating apps and sites. Sugar dating has penetrated most universities and colleges since tuition fees and other expenses have gone higher.

In my sugar daddy experience, I met college girls who want to be able to afford that expensive piece of clothing, own the latest phone and wear those sexy heels trending in the online market. Many college girls will go for options to get rich and be able to pay their bills and meet their social demands. The allowance from parents might not be enough to sustain the kind of life that is in universities and colleges today. College babies find it hard to work on part-time jobs such as the waiter, cashier or house cleaner to earn extra cash. Therefore, they opt to rely on the kindness of rich elderly men who believe a sugar baby can be the next big thing in life.

My sugar daddy experience: Ambitions of a sugar baby

Believe me, when I tell you, there are sugar babies that are business minded just like any other entrepreneur. This I have learned from my sugar daddy experience. Most of the women come out of college very ambitious and with great dreams that they wish to accomplish in life. A business sugar baby is always alert and brainstorms on all kind of opportunities to be rich and not fully rely on their sugar daddy. Just like intelligent business persons, a sugar baby always has plan A and plan B of their life in business. Many sugar babies have their sources of income and jobs and opt for sugar dating as side hustle or investment for future career demands.
From my sugar daddy experience, I also discovered that most sugar girls know that sugar daddies will not support them all their life since these sort of arrangements could end anytime. A business sugar baby is more interested in developing her career goals other than the support a sugar daddy may offer. They seek guidance in their field of interest and my need resources for start-up – when a successful guy comes along and asks them, “Can I be your sugar daddy?”, they will ask themselves: What can he offer me that helps with my own career?


Living the life as a small town sugar baby

Small town sugar baby may appear sloppy and stupid; however, they are sharp sincere and genuine girls who know what they want. She knows her origin but has high goals and expectations in life. From my sugar daddy experience, I have come to understand that these type of babies have inner beauty and are very humorous. They are passionate about life and aspire to be rich women in the future.

A small town sugar baby is your modern princess who has big dreams but from a humble beginning. This baby is usually eager to travel and change her roots with the help of kind rich men who can spare a little of their wealth. They do not desire expensive gifts and luxurious treatment, all they need is a helping hand to achieve their goals. My sugar daddy experience has taught me that this is the kind of baby that can fall in-love with a sugar daddy and they appreciate every little thing that is done to them . Furthermore, what I have also been able to learn from my sugar daddy experience is that there are many who appreciate being around intelligent girls.


My sugar daddy experience with different types of sugar babies

Rich sugar baby life

Rich sugar baby life

I have met many type of babies in my sugar daddy experience, thus I can place all type of sugar babies in various categories. A veteran baby possesses a great sense of decorum, beauty, and grace in a business party or formal dinner events. These babies have had experience with popular politicians, rich businesspersons, and celebrities; they know how to carry themselves around wealthy and classy people. This type of baby can make any person laugh and has a great personality to interact with all type of people.

From my sugar daddy experience, I discovered that a veteran baby does not only possess a pretty face, but can have a good time in any situation and is easy going. This baby is easy to handle, as they are straightforward and honest. They are always smiling and can keep eye contact or even wink at you if they like you. High profile men in the lime light mostly prefer a veteran baby because they make great companions and are the always-shinning woman that every man wants to be associated with. Moreover, my sugar daddy experience has taught me that the veteran sugar babies,are good at keeping secrets and will keep their distance when told to just in case the wife is around.


Single mom sugar babies

It is not easy to be a single mother. I have encountered many mommy sugar babies in my sugar daddy experience. Every mother wants to be able to provide for their baby and support them in preparation for their adult life. Although child support is collected on a monthly basis sometimes, it never gets to benefit the baby. A single mom has to work and at the same time take care of her kids; this is very stressful and can complicate her life. Hence, most single mothers do not mind dating elder men to get support for their children.

Life might not always turn out the way you plan, but it does not mean you must settle for less. There are wealthy men who do not mind supporting you and your kid since they are dads and they know the responsibilities that come with parenthood. In my sugar daddy experience I have met women who dated elderly men and went back to school, they turned out very successful and managed to fully educated their children with sugar daddies’ support.


The golden rules of sugar dating from my sugar daddy experience

After identifying the type of sugar baby that you are, you need to know what makes sugar daddies stick around you. In my sugar daddy experience, I have met some kind of women who draw all attention to themselves, and they end up with the handsome, rich elderly men that every sugar baby dreams of. There are some rules that you must abide by to reap the best out of sugar dating, these include:

• Identify yourself with a unique IRL in online Apps and dating site
Are you the lady next door? A woman who loves fun and traveling? Or rather a vixen with a preference for elderly rich men? A small town hardworking lady eager to explore the world? Narrow down on how you wish to portray yourself with a profile that best defines your outstanding characteristics. Do not just play any role, choose an identity that genuinely expresses who you are and is consistent with what you post on your profile and your day to day life as well. From my sugar daddy experience, I have come to realize that men love honest and consistent young women. An identity will send a message to the right rich man to approach you.


Do your part and exercise patience with your sugar daddy

The early stages of sugar dating is a lot like a real life relationship. When searching, you must choose the person that you like, and you can be able to spend time with comfortably. Do enough research before settling on that rich man you want and save their pictures. My sugar daddy experience, has taught me to go through many profiles and keep constant communication with potential rich men. What I also learnt from my sugar daddy experience, is that you may have to go through many men before meeting that right one


Be straightforward and open with your sugar daddy

Sugar babies enjoy luxury

Sugar babies enjoy luxury

In my sugar daddy experience and dating life, I realized that many rich men opt for sugar dating because they want efficiency. Most of them have a lot on their schedule. You should, therefore, be straightforward and open with your needs and expectations. Living with my sugar daddy, I have learned to be demanding within reason. Do not shy away from asking questions to know if your sugar daddies expectations match yours and if you can meet them. Let your sugar daddy know exactly what you want and expect from him.

Ensure that your arrangement is based on agreement.  Your needs must be met along the way. Discuss the time you will be meeting and how you wish him to compensate you. Let your daddy know when he should give you the allowance. Also discuss whether he should pay your credit card and other expenses. From my sugar daddy experience, I found out that most elderly men are very busy and may forget some minor details. Therefore, be open and remind him in a calm way in case he forgets to keep his part of the bargain.


Never get too comfortable as a sugar baby

After a few months of sugar dating, you might forget to put effort on your appearance how you dress or even talk to your sugar daddy. In my sugar daddy experience and dating life, I found out that you must always keep whatever attracted your elderly man to you. A sugar baby should never slack off. Always be your pleasant best self and dress to perfection whenever going to meet your rich old man.

Ensure that you are a top-notch match for your elderly man to keep his eyes hooked on you and his fortune flowing your way. However, it does not mean you should hide your feelings and not show when you had a bad day. You can still show up in your sweats. However, ensure they fit right and put on that sexy cologne. In my sugar daddy experience, I have met some men who might tell you what to wear. You must be okay with it and do not fail to communicate if you cannot dress as they require.

From my sugar daddy experience, I can say that sugar dating requires a lot from the baby. The rich man cannot shower gifts and money on you unless you meet his needs and satisfy him accordingly. Be ready to make a few sacrifices since you will earn from it. After all, he is an old man you need to cheer him up and remind him of his once energetic youth life. Never be gloomy around your rich old man unless you are sick. He is with you to have a good time! Give him an experience that will make him look forward to when you meet next send gifts to you without asking.