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M&G: Do You Have to Pay the Sugar Baby Before the First Date?

In the last few months, an astonishing number of people have joined the world of sugar dating, or the Bowl, as we like to call it, and seem to be confused about some of the basics. Knowing that, we decided to answer a common question: should a sugar daddy pay a sugar baby before meeting in person for the first time?

We talked to both sugar babies and sugar daddies; here’s what they told us.

You can find our verdict in the last section πŸ˜‰

To pay or not to pay a sugar baby, that is the question

It might sound absurd to wire money to someone you haven’t ever met in person, but there are good reasons why a sugar baby (SB) would ask you to pay her before a meet & greet (M&G).

Arguments for paying a sugar baby before the first date

sugar daddy and sugar baby talking about whether to pay before the first date at restaurant

Usually, there are dozens of time wasters for each serious sugar daddy on any sugar dating site. It’s a sad reality we from MySugarDaddy are in the process of changing. In the meantime, some sugar babies ask for some money upfront to make sure they aren’t talking to a salt daddy. By doing so, you signal your interest and seriousness about the potential relationship.

Besides, the SB might need some money to get to the date and buy a special outfit. Those are all things you can discuss with her beforehand. Good communication is key.


Arguments against it

painting of hand on wall symbolizing scam

Wiring money before the M&G might signal your generosity. However, it can make you vulnerable to a common scam. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of self-proclaimed expert sugar babies on YouTube and TikTok advising wanna-be sugar babies to pull this off on unassuming sugar daddies.

Our verdict and the solution

All arguments and opinions considered, we don’t think that it is necessary to pay an SB before meeting her in person for the first time. However, you can offer to pay her for her time or travel expenses. She’ll appreciate it and take that into consideration when deciding on the next step.