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Picture of My Sugar Daddy

Getting a picture of my sugar daddy


Every new relationship is exciting, and having a cherished picture can be important to some people. Many people dating in the sugar world, may ask if they can have a picture of my sugar daddy. This article discusses if asking for a picture of my sugar daddy is possible, and also if the question should be asked in the first place.

For sugar daddies, keeping their dating life private is often the top priority. Sugar daddies are usually extremely wealthy, successful men. Therefore, they are looking for discreet meets and dates, not public exposure. As a sugar baby, you have to respect this and treat your sugar daddy’s private affairs with respect and discretion.


Picture of my sugar daddy – Is it possible to get one?


Picture of my sugar daddy

Picture of my sugar daddy

At times a sugar relationship must be one that is kept quite discreet, and this can be the sugar daddies, or the sugar babes that request this. This is why sometimes sugar babies would love to get a picture of my sugar daddy, is just not going to happen. A sugar daddy relationship is also about what suits people in the present, and is not often all about making a future with somebody, and falling in love. This is why it is much about the fun, and keeping mementos and pictures, sometimes is not a great idea.


Picture of my sugar daddy – How do I ask for one?


If you are curious if you can get a photo of my sugar daddy, then you can always ask the question. There is no harm in this. Ask whenever feels comfortable in your relationship, but be prepared to hear no, as this could happen.


Picture of my sugar daddy – Do’s and don’ts.

  • Do keep photos of your sugar daddy discreet, and for your own eyes only.
  • Do ask for photos before taking any pictures.
  • Don’t take secret pictures of your sugar daddy.
  • Don’t go sharing the picture of my sugar daddy around social media.


Respect the privacy of your sugar daddy


There you have it! Getting a picture of your sugar daddy can happen, but respect has to happen at all times during the relationship. If it is agreed at the start that you are not allowed a picture of my sugar daddy, then you should abide by this rule. Remember, they are looking for a sugar baby who enjoys being with them and respects their dating rules.

If you are allowed a picture of my sugar daddy, then go for it, but it is a good idea to keep that picture all to yourself. This is no ordinary relationship, this is a sugar relationship. Good luck.