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How to get a Platonic Sugar Daddy

Independently of your financial situation, who doesn’t want to make easy money? If you are single and still feel insecure about getting into a full-blown sugar relationship, a platonic relationship with a sugar daddy might be a great start. And yes, sugar friendships exist!

What’s a platonic sugar daddy?

A platonic sugar daddy is one that wants to have a romantic relationship without intimacy. Among the many benefits of such a relationship are dinners in incredible places, tours, movies, luxurious gifts and even money.

Who doesn’t want to have special moments like this and still make easy money!? Of course, finding one of these is not such a simple task. But if you persist, you can find it.

Why does a successful man choose this kind of relationship?

girl on trip to beach with her platonic sugar daddy

Sugar Daddies are usually very busy and sometimes what they want is a distraction, something outside the stressful life they lead. Besides, they may not want to put all the effort into winning over a woman, but still want more fun in their lives.

Another fact is that many are married and may not want to deepen their sugar relationship so as not to create problems in their marriage.

In addition to these points, there is the question of age. Many men are not so comfortable having sex after a certain age. This is why they prefer to have a platonic relationship.

How do you find a platonic sugar daddy?

You can find them in many places such as exclusive parties, restaurants or bars. You can also do this without leaving the comfort of your own home by searching on specialized websites, such as MySugardaddy. BTW, have you downloaded our Android app yet? It’s free!!!

First, be direct and make it clear in your profile: “I’m not looking for sex or intimacy. I’m offering true friendship and companionship.” Of course, this will keep most of the daddies away. On the other hand, only the ones who want exactly that will contact you, which will save you so much time!

girl looking at her platonic sugar daddy

Make your profile shine with smiling pics, full-body shots in places you like and clothes that show your personality. Highlight your favorite hobbies and especially your good humor and love for life.

Also, talk about things that are relevant to you, like your studies and career. Don’t forget to mention your favorite books and movies. This way, you’ll attract people who share the same interests as you! This way, it’s gonna be easier to win him over and your dream lifestyle is going to get closer and closer.

Even if it takes some time, we are sure that your beauty, joy of life, charm and intelligence will attract the perfect platonic sugar daddy to you.

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