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Can I be a Sugar Baby if I’m Plus Size?

This is one of the questions that we at MySugardaddy have received most frequently this year. Many women are gorgeous, but they don’t have the confidence to sign up to our site solely because they are plus size.

We talked to some members of our dating community about it and summarized here some arguments mentioned that confirm that yes, not only is it possible to be a Sugar Baby plus size, but there are Sugar Daddies who can’t wait to meet you:

What a Sugar Baby plus size needs to know

It’s a matter of self-confidence

Sugar Baby plus size confidently posing for photo with her hands on her hips

If you don’t believe you’re pretty enough to become a sugar baby and find sugar daddies, there’s not much you can do. Because becoming a SB is a personal choice and it would be inadmissible for someone else to even try to persuade you to make this decision.

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Furthermore, one of the most important characteristics of a SB is self-confidence. A SB knows what she wants. She knows her value and does not accept being mistreated. Imagine how negative comments from a SD could hurt if you didn’t even believe in yourself?

Don’t allow yourself to base your self-esteem on your weight! I’m sure you have numerous qualities and a charming personality. Besides, you know your body and know how to show off your curves with cuts, colors and accessories that work for you. If not, it is never too late to learn! This great article offers several valuable tips and there’s so much more material waiting for you online.

Some people love curves

curvy sugar baby with her boyfriend

It’s a matter of taste… and taste can’t be discussed. The same way that there are SDs who prefer skinny SBs, there are those who prefer the curvy ones. We’ve heard from several men that their preference for women on the chubby side is so strong that they won’t go out with skinny girls.

… and there are those who just pretend to

If he asks you to lose weight, you have the right to say no and end the sugar relationship. The right — and fair — thing to do is to enter a relationship with a person aware and accepting of them as they are, not as they could be. Falling in love with a person’s potential — not reality — is a recipe for relationship failure.

To sum it up

Any woman over 18 can become a Sugar Baby. Therefore, there is no weight limit in the universe of sugar relationships.

It’s up to you!