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Types of Sugar Baby: The Pragmatic One

In the fourth part of our blog series about the different kinds of sugar babies, we’ll be talking about the pragmatic sugar baby. What makes her pragmatic? What was her reasoning for becoming a sugar baby? What does she expect from her sugar daddy? Read on and find out!

The pragmatic sugar baby

pragmatic sugar baby in suit sitting on a backwards chair

Women are strong by nature, but sometimes they too need help and support. The pragmatic sugar baby knows that. So she goes about it pragmatically. She knows what she needs and what her options are. This woman is not “old”, but has an adult character, is down-to-earth and often even has a structured life. If only it weren’t for her money worries…

And with the beginning of this kind of worry, she ponders: “do I need someone else’s help or am I going to handle my problems alone?” When the former applies, she’ll start sugaring. Otherwise, the pragmatic sugar baby wouldn’t become a sugar baby. To her, sugar relationships are solely a means to an end.

She doesn’t waste her time with daydreaming

She’s very smart and aware. Not too far into a bad phase, she realizes that her attempts to fight her way through alone would be nearly fruitless or would take way too long to succeed. Taking out a loan would be a messy business. And then there’s the interest. “No, that wouldn’t be a good idea”, she thinks.

But she did hear once that there are sugar daddies out there. Older, financially successful men who are willing to offer financial assistance in exchange for some company. That sounds nice. “What’s wrong with a little companionship?” She knows there is more too it than just that. After all, she is a realistic grown woman and not as naive as the child as she once was. Besides, she reads our blog and is an expert in sugar relationships. πŸ˜‰

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