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Pregnant With Sugar Daddy

Can I Prevent Becoming Pregnant With Sugar Daddy?

First, disclaimer. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a women’s life, even if childbirth isn’t all sunshine and kittens. However this is a touchy subject and rarely shows the male of the species in a good light. But being pregnant with sugar daddy may turn out to be one of the best things in your life.
In a way becoming pregnant with a sugar daddy is no different than becoming pregnant with anyone else, but the question of money usually comes in.
But let’s start with preventing becoming pregnant with sugar daddy, which mostly means conception. Although many women use the pill it is vital to take it, even if you’re unsure if a relationship is going to go that way. This is another place where things become difficult.
There are other reliable methods for a woman such as the coil. Then there are less reliable methods such as the rhythm method, which is generally unreliable.
So should your partner use a condom instead? Our modern culture would suggest that the man should take responsibility. However don’t forget that sugar daddies tend to be in their 40s or 50s, so they may not see it that way. If there’s a chance that you will get pregnant and you think the man will not support you and you have no wish to bring the child up on your own it may be better to refuse any intercourse?
A last resort after the deed is the morning after pill. Despite its name it can provide emergency conception up to 5 days after the event, but as said above should only be used as a preventive measure. Usually it can be provided by your pharmacist without an appointment so don’t end up pregnant with sugar daddy.

Pregnant With Sugar Daddy

Am I Pregnant With Sugar Daddy?

If you have missed a period, have constant cravings and morning sickness as well as having had sex recently, it seems more than likely that you are pregnant with sugar daddy. It is best to be honest if you think, for whatever reason that the sugar daddy is not the biological father. Deceitfulness is not the basis of a good relationship.
Meeting someone on a dating site may make you wonder if the father will stay with you. Sure, they have money, but babies need more than that. It is best to talk your worries over with them. Sure it is you that is pregnant with sugar daddy, but what does it mean to him?

Pregnant With Sugar Daddy? Your choices
There are 3 choices open to you when you are pregnant with sugar baby-having the baby, with or without their support; adoption or abortion. Having the sugar daddy take the baby adopt the baby or otherwise take the baby away is not to be recommended, but must surely happen.
We hope that these problems can resolved amicably and with the less amount of harm to parties concerned.