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How to Show You’re a Serious Sugar Daddy: 7 Things You’ve Been Doing WRONG

Sugar dating can be a frustrating business, both for sugar daddies and sugar babies. Many sugar babies are so burnt by negative experiences that they barely give anyone a chance. For this reason, with the help of experienced members of our community, we compounded this list of tips on how to show you are a serious sugar daddy.

By following our tips, you will no longer be treated like a potential scammer and miss opportunities solely because of being misunderstood by a sugar baby.

A serious sugar daddy should know…

Here are a set of rules about things you should not do if you want all sugar babies to recognise that you are a serious sugar daddy right away:

Do not send generic first messages

From the top of my head, I can think of three strategies for fist messages from sugar daddies to sugar babies. The first one will only guarantee you failure, the second one might work, although with a low success rate, and the last one is the most likely to generate positive results.

The first one is the most common and the less effective: sending a generic first message. By that, I mean a short message that does not let your personality shine through at all. An example would be anything to the effects of “Hi, I’m a rich honest guy and I would love to spoil you”. Adjectives such as honest, rich, serious, generous, etc. coming from a stranger sound like bs, to be honest, especially because the content of the message gives no reason to believe you. Basically, any lazy scammer could write a message like this.

Read more about how to recognise scammers in our article titled “SUGAR DADDY SCAM: THE 25 MAIN RED FLAGS”

An improvement on that would be to at least making it sound like you read her profile. It is as simple as dropping a line such as “I’ve read your profile and found it really interesting” in your standard first message.

However, pretty much every sugar baby would expect a serious sugar daddy to really show her that he read her profile carefully. And how do you do that? Highlight anything you have in common! Tell her why you believe that you are exactly the kind of person she’s been looking for ๐Ÿ˜‰


A serious sugar daddy treats every woman that replies to his messages with maturity and respect

serious sugar daddy on video call with sugar baby

We know this is obvious, but trust us, there are men out there who need to hear this. Otherwise, sugar babies would not complain about this all the time. From what we have been told by them, especially young sugar daddies are guilty of treating women as mere objects. Yes, we get that they have lots of money and are used to getting whatever they want. However, convincing a woman to give you a chance to take her on a date takes social skills. And if someone does not have or show any, their likelihood of actually finding someone in the bowl is very low.

Therefore, you should always speak to a sugar baby just like you would if you met a woman from the same social class and level of education as you. This will make her feel respected and set you apart from scammers and people who do not have the qualities to be a sugar daddy, like young wanna-be sugar daddies and salt daddies.

Forget about Instagram and Twitter

Everybody is in search of love, right? But that does not mean that it can be found just anywhere. Unless you are looking for any kind of love or relationship…. which is probably not the case if you are interested in sugar relationships.

Think about the number of hours every sugar baby and daddy usually spends reading through profiles, exchanging messages, having video calls, going to M&Gs (meet and greets). And that in spite of the fact that they are on a specialised dating website where all users are interested in the same kind of relationship!

Now imagine what a waste of time it is to look for a like-minded potential partner on social media. Do you think a well written message to some pretty influencer will be enough to convince her she should try sugar dating? In 99.99% of the cases, no. So do not waste your time looking for a sugar baby outside of a high quality sugar dating website like MySugardaddy.

Make sure your profile is compelling

serious sugar daddy posing for portrait for his profile picture

Your dating profile is directly responsible for the first impression you will give to every potential sugar baby. Therefore, it should be nearly flawless. A sloppy, carelessly crafted profile will make you look like a scammer.

For this reason, you should take the time to make it a good reflection of yourself. Be authentic, different, daring, direct, provocative. Be YOU!

If I were a sugar daddy, I would make sure to clearly describe how I intend to make an impact on the sugar baby’s life. I would make very clear what kind of role I would like to play in her life, what experiences I would love to share with her and everything I would be willing to do for her. Likewise, I would also let her know my expectations of her. After all, a sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial one.

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Have enough pictures on your profile

The same said above goes for your profile pictures. By showing yourself from different angles and in different situations, you can show that you are a serious sugar daddy. If you only have one or two very similar pictures, someone could mistake you for a scammer.

This is why you should include among your profile pictures snapshots from you doing your favourite hobby, travelling, enjoying yourself at your property and so on. But be careful not to use any picture you already posted on your social media as it could easily be reverse-image searched!

Bring a small but thoughtful gift to the M&G

serious sugar daddy brings small gift to m&G

As we explained in our article “M&G: do you have to pay the sugar baby for the meet and greet?”, it is not a standard procedure or common practice to pay a sugar baby for showing up to the first date. On the other hand, it is indeed expected that you pay for the meal (what kind of sugar daddy would ask to split the check, right?!).

But how can you show that you are a serious sugar daddy in such a short interaction? There is a very effective way I heard from several successful sugar daddies: surprise her. As we were saying, paying her for the meet and greet is not common, but a really nice surprise. It shows her that you appreciate her time and effort to look her best just to impress you ๐Ÿ™‚

You can surprise her and show her that you are a serious sugar daddy in several other ways: by gifting her something every woman would like, such as flowers or chocolates, or something related to her hobbies and interests. We have a full article dedicated to how to find the perfect gift for someone you barely know that can be read here.

Be straightforward about PPM and the allowance

Our last tip on how to show a sugar baby that you are a serious sugar daddy is about the money aspect of the relationship. Some sort of regular payment is part of every sugar relationship. The sugar babies offer time, attention and affection in exchange for financial support, experiences and mentorship. This is expected in every sugar relationship.

When it comes to that, the best thing you can do to show you are a serious sugar daddy is by starting this conversation and being very open about what you are willing to do for her. And if you really want to prove to her that you are very serious about this relationship and her financial wellbeing, you can offer to pay even more than she asks. This is something only a serious sugar daddy can promise and keep and a sugar baby will highly appreciate you for that!

Another tip: if you offer to pay her at the end of the month, she might interpret it as a red flag. The reason is that many salt daddies and scammers promise that, only to vanish just before the allowance is due. So do not do that, otherwise she might assume you are planning to dump her. Instead, pay her in cash at the end of every date (also known as pay-per-meet) until you develop enough trust in her and the connection to switch to a bi-weekly or monthly allowance.

The MySugardaddy team wishes you the best of luck in your search for the perfect relationship for you!