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Tips: Sex in the Water without Discomfort

Sex and water seem to be a good combination: who has never fantasized about having sex at sea, in a pool, river, shower, whirlpool or bathtub? If I hadn’t included myself, I’d be lying.

What few people seem to know is that sex and water on their own don’t go together as well as it sounds. Anyone who has tried it knows that, in water, natural lubrication gets diluted and vanishes almost right away. Then friction makes things almost impossible. So here are a few tips to make sure you and your partner get to enjoy yourselves in the water next time:

How to make sex in water more enjoyable

The right lubricant

couple hugging at beach

As I mentioned before, the biggest problem with having sex in the water is that it dilutes the woman’s natural lubrication. So this makes penetration difficult and reduces (or even prevents) pleasure. The obvious solution is to use lubricant.

The ideal lubricants for sex in the water are silicone-based lubes, including when using a condom. Water-based lubricants dissolve quickly and increase the danger of the condom tearing. Which is quite likely to happen if you don’t use any.

The right environment

Fooling around at the beach may sound romantic, but it’s not that great. Besides the danger of being knocked over by the waves or seen by beachgoers, you’d have to add salt to the mix. SPOILER: it can burn like hell, especially if some sand gets in the way. Besides, all that salt and sand can make the condom tear.

Lakes, ponds and pools are bodies of standing water. In other words, this can mean bacteria and, therefore, infections waiting to get you. Chlorine found in pools can also damage condoms.

Combine sex and water in creative ways

New environments, new possibilities.

In water, bodies get lighter. Then positions that would be otherwise difficult for prolonged periods of time magically become possible. Use your creativity!

How about exploring fantasies, like being saved by a super sexy lifeguard?

My top tip: Use the advantages of water to make foreplay even sexier and leave the main course for dry land 😉


couple looking at sea