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Shopping with Sugar Daddy

Shopping with Sugar Daddy – every girl’s dream

What women don’t love shopping with sugar daddy? Women love to reward themselves with something nice every once in a while. It just makes them feel good, taking the sting off of a lousy day sitting in traffic or being berated by a boss for someone else’s mistake. However, shopping when sugar dating rich men can elevate the whole shopping with sugar daddy experience to another, more exciting and indulgent level altogether. And let’s face it. Rich men love to indulge and pamper women, especially if they happen to be dating those women; in other words, their very special sugar babies.

Shopping with sugar daddy like in a Hollywood movie

shopping with sugar daddy

shopping with sugar daddy

And nothing illustrates an indulgent shopping spree better than the one in Pretty Woman, the 1990 romantic comedy that introduced a young and vivacious Julia Roberts to her adoring public. In the movie, Roberts plays the role of Vivian Ward, a beautiful, yet somewhat inexperienced hooker with a big heart working the seedier streets of Hollywood. One night, she comes across a hot guy driving a fancy car who admits he’s lost and needs directions to Beverly Hills. The hot guy is none other than Richard Gere, playing the role of Edward Lewis, a rich corporate raider. Vivian does one better and offers to take him there for a modest fee.

After their brief ride ends at the elegant Beverly Hills Regent Hotel, she goes to the nearest bus stop while he heads into the hotel. A minute later, he changes his mind and goes to find Vivian, impulsively making her a proposition. Edward asks her to stay the night, which she agrees to do. He eventually proposes the ultimate dating experience, asking her to play his girlfriend for six days for $3,000 (a princely sum back in the day), plus money for more suitable clothing. Vivian excitedly agrees and hits the stores of Beverly Hills – only to find that none of the snooty saleswomen want to serve her.

Does shopping with sugar daddy end well for both sides?

Understandably upset, she later mentions this to Edward, who takes her on a no-expense-spared shopping spree in Beverly Hills where he makes sure that she’s pampered, indulged and looked after in high style. Talk about dating in style and the ultimate shopping spree! Pretty Woman remains one of those iconic rags-to-riches movies that has withstood the test of time. Had Gere been twenty years older, he would’ve made the perfect sugar daddy with the Beverly Hills shopping scene re-scripted as “shopping with sugar daddy”.

After all, there are very few women who wouldn’t want to exchange their regular business day for one where rich men with deep wallets take them shopping with sugar daddy on a bona fide ultimate shopping experience. And let’s not forget one very important detail: there’s a fine distinction between receiving presents from sugar daddy and shopping with sugar daddy. In any case you should chat with sugar daddy to let him know what you need from  him.

Shopping with Sugar Daddy: “The Ultimate Experience”

Sugar dating rich men has its perks but shopping with sugar daddy has its own special brand of perks best described as “The Ultimate Experience”. What’s The Ultimate Experience, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s giving your rich sugar daddy free reign to not only indulge you but also to plan every aspect of your very special Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day. All that will be required of you, his adoring sugar baby, is to graciously “go with the flow”. In other words, shopping with sugar daddy isn’t just about the shopping after he hands you his black AMEX card. No way, Jose! It’s about the all-encompassing experience that only rich men know how to provide their women; usually an over-the-top experience that goes beyond a mundane dating day.

The Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day feeds and pampers the body. It nourishes the soul and lines your closet with all kinds of beautiful and wildly expensive things. It’s his special dating day for you and it’s up to you to look suitably surprised.  You appear delighted like a kid in a candy store and finally, you show your appreciation. It’s like the ultimate culmination of all sugar dating dates rolled into one glorious day. These are then multiplied by at least twenty. Most ordinary men don’t know the first thing about shopping. Howver, rich men, especially sugar daddies who are old pros at sugar dating, know how to take shopping with sugar daddy to a whole new, and very special level.


Luxurious dining to make your sugar date complete


Your magical Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day begins when your rich man pulls up to your place in a chauffeur-driven town car that whisks the both of you off to a popular restaurant for a light lunch. Needless to say, the food is expertly prepared and served, the white wine perfectly chilled. However, you barely notice. You’re too busy being the perfect, attentive companion to your sugar daddy. Every once in a while, you feel other eyes on you and it’s a great feeling. The other rich men in the restaurant are drooling over you while the women in the place are jealously sizing you up, trying to find your tiniest flaws.

Shopping with Sugar Daddy: Keep it Timeless and Elegant (KITE)

After lunch, your Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day really kicks in when your rich sugar daddy instructs the driver to take you to the hottest boutiques where you’ve always wanted to shop but could never afford to do so. No such problems today! From one store to the next, you’re attentively waited on hand and foot as the sales staff asks you what you would like to see. They offer helpful suggestions when asked and then show you some incredible clothes that are yours for the taking. Unlike most rich men, your sugar daddy remains attentive – not distracted by his phone – watching indulgently as you try on, and model, one outfit after another.

Other men would start to fidget and constantly check their watches but he knows that you won’t enjoy shopping with sugar daddy when his mind is somewhere else rather than on the prize – the prize being you. After a while, you begin to get a feel for what he likes to see on you and what he doesn’t. Be sure to get a few things to please him since shopping with sugar daddy means he’s picking up the tab – and you value his impeccable taste. He favours cashmere sweaters and jackets, silk shirts and blouses. Hardly a problem. These are classics that are both timeless and elegant.

Could you ask more of your daddy?

Shopping with sugar daddy also means a short break for a glass or two of expensive bubbly but after a brief respite, it’s back to the business at hand. After you’ve put a sizable dent in one boutique’s inventory, it’s on to the next one and the best part is, you don’t have to carry a single shopping bag. Your brilliant sugar daddy hands your bags over to the waiting chauffeur before telling him to head to the next store on the list he’d thoughtfully provided to him at the outset of your shopping with sugar daddy adventure.

Sugar daddy buys me new shoes

And now what girl doesn’t just LOVE shopping for shoes? Certainly not you, that’s for sure. Within seconds of entering the new store, your eyes zoom in on a pair of stiletto heels and the unmistakable soles belonging to a nude pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. In the blink of an eye, you’re comfortably seated, your foot is measured and the pair of pumps appear as if by magic. The first shoe literally glides onto your right foot, fitting like a glove. It’s quickly followed by the second one. You turn your ankles this way and that, admiring the effect from several sides before looking over at your sugar daddy to see what his reaction is.

Judging by the huge grin on his face, he appears to be pleased, confirming that his Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day is turning out to be a huge success. You stand up and take the Louboutins for a short walk over to the adjacent mirror where once again, you can’t help but admire how they seem to elongate your legs, making them sexy as hell. Nice. You hesitantly ask to see a pair in black, if they have it. The sales associate disappears – only to reappear moments later with the requested pair. The pair in black is equally stunning and you’re obviously torn between the two colours before your rich sugar daddy takes matters into his own hands and tells you to buy both pairs. Who are you to argue? Shopping with sugar daddy just became even more special!

Sugar baby needs a new luxury handbag

And a girl can’t buy a pair or two of shoes without the proper handbag to go with it. Sugar dating requires you to look your absolute best when in the company of your sugar daddy and wearing the same shoes or clothes all the time simply won’t do. Most men would be oblivious to the discreet signals you’re putting out there but not your sugar daddy! Totally in the shopping with sugar daddy spirit, he’s the first to encourage you to peruse an enticing array of handbags. Soon, you’re torn between a Ferragamo tote that would go perfectly with the nude heels, and that elegant, yet practical shoulder bag by Saint Laurent that would complement the black ones.

Again, Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day isn’t about having to make choices. Your rich daddy informs the sales associate that you’ll be taking both. Your sparkling eyes say it all and yet it’s clear from the grin on his face that he’s got something else up his sleeve as he hurries you out the door and into your waiting car. This time, he doesn’t say anything to your chauffeur but it doesn’t seem to matter because he knows exactly where to go. Clearly, your Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day has just taken on an added element of mystery that’s getting more interesting by the minute!

Luxuy shopping with sugar daddy is fun

shopping with sugar daddy

shopping with sugar daddy

Your chauffeur comes to a stop in front of the elegant storefront of Tiffany & Co.; an iconic jewellery store immortalized by Hollywood movie icon, Audrey Hepburn, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Your sugar daddy gets out of the car and extends his hand to help you out. You step out of the car, not trusting yourself to speak, although you try to remain unimpressed as your mind incredulously ponders, “What’s a little bling to go with your leather, suede and silk?”

Once inside the hallowed first floor showroom, the sales staff greet your rich sugar daddy by name. Clearly, this isn’t his first visit and likely won’t be his last. After all, the sight of rich men buying bling for their girlfriends, sugar babies, mistresses and/or wives would hardly be considered a nouvelle concept to these seasoned and extremely discreet sales veterans.

Diamonds are a sugar baby’s best friends

From Bulgari to Cartier to Roberto Coin – all are magnificently showcased beneath the glass. Then of course, there’s the unusual bling that’s a broach masquerading as an insect or what the natives refer to as a friendship ring with a big, ballsy diamond that could knock out an eye. The choices are as limitless as the imagination but alas, no quick choices on the showroom floor for you. Shopping with sugar daddy in a place such as this calls for some privacy.

Lucky for you, your rich sugar daddy takes away any dilemma you might be experiencing. He points to an exquisite pair of blue sapphire drop earrings with inlaid diamonds. Then he says are the same colour as your eyes – and cost more than the hatchback parked in your underground back home. You’re walking on air as you leave Tiffany & Co., eager to get home so you can try on everything… but your sugar daddy isn’t ready to call it a day just yet. Shopping with sugar daddy wouldn’t be The Ultimate Experience it has been without The Aftermath.

Shopping with Sugar Daddy: “The Ultimate Experience Aftermath”

Most omen will tell you that dating has its perks. However, those women who are known as sugar babies will tell you that nothing beats the lifestyle perks of sugar dating. Most men would be ready to call it a day after spending a huge chunk of change on their women. Your sugar daddy however knows that shopping with sugar daddy means pulling out all the stops on your dating shopping spree. This becomes patently obvious when your car pulls up in front of an exclusive day spa frequented by the city’s moneyed elite. What will he think of next?, you wonder. Luckily, you don’t have long to find out.

The spa is an oasis of tranquility. All elegance and muted colours, the well-trained staff courteous and discreet as they settle you into your respective change rooms. These could easily pass for luxurious bedrooms in a five-star hotel. Each is complete with a comfortable day bed and muted lighting. You’re pampered with mood music as well as offers a selection of upscale mineral waters to sate even the most discriminating of thirsts. The robe the spa provides is smooth as silk as you slip it on over your naked body. The idea of a deep tissue massage is suddenly very appealing. It is the hot stone massage you both receive is the ultimate in enhanced relaxation, though.

Spoiled by sugar daddy, your date night is complete

Shopping with sugar daddy has worn you out emotionally but thanks to the diligent ministrations of your skillful masseuse, you feel rejuvenated – but you’re not done yet. Next is a mineral-rich, mud body wrap followed by a European facial and a collagen treatment for your eyes. Just when you think your sugar daddy’s thought of absolutely everything, he joins you for a his-and-hers mani and pedi. Pure pampered bliss. There are no other words to describe this Ultimate Experience Aftermath! It’s understandable why women enjoy going to a spa but sugar dating and the generosity of your sugar daddy has made it all the more special! It truly is the perfect ending to an incredible Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day!

Take advantage of daddy’s generosity

The next time your sugar daddy suggests a Shopping with Sugar Daddy Day, jump at the chance. Not only will he go above and beyond to provide you with The Ultimate Experience, but he’ll also provide you with the The Ultimate Experience Aftermath that will have you glowing from head to foot – not to mention looking your absolute very best. Sugar dating has its perks but shopping with sugar daddy certainly trumps them all! If you love designer shoes and luxury handbags, you have to admit to yourself: “I need a sugar daddy to spoil me!”