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Should I have a sugar daddy?

Should I have a sugar daddy If I love money?

Should I Have A Sugar Daddy? Yes. There Is Financial Security.
The first thing that comes to mind when the word sugar daddy is mentioned is money. I know it doesn’t sound sexy to most people, but there is nothing good as having financial security especially for girls. Most women love a lavish lifestyle so getting a man that take them out for dinner, go with them for vacations is something they cannot resist. If you are thinking, should I have a sugar daddy? Think of living an extraordinary life that wasn’t the case with your ordinary boyfriend. Besides the expensive vacations and restaurants, Dating a sugar daddy, you may have extra advantages like him spoiling you with expensive gifts like cars and houses.

Should I Have A Sugar Daddy if I enjoy having my freedom?

Should I have a sugar daddy?

Should I have a sugar daddy?

It’s A Mutually Beneficial Relationship and No Strings Attached. Should I have a sugar daddy in my life? Yes. A sugar daddy is any girl’s best friend. What girl doesn’t want to be treated like a queen? Having a sugar daddy, you will lack nothing. Both of you will benefit from the relationship, you will get financial assistance, and the sugar daddy will get sweet companionship and excellent sex.
Another answer to should I have a sugar daddy is the relationship has no strings attached. At your 20s, you are enjoying your life, and nobody wants to commit to one person so young. There is still plenty of time to settle down and commit to one person. Sugar daddy relationship is like that of friends with benefits, you both don’t need to invest all your emotions into the relationship.

Should I have a sugar daddy if I want to keep things casual?

You Can Have A Clean Break Up, and He Won’t Be Up On Your Business. Should you have a sugar daddy? Yes, you can end your relationship without any drama. He won’t act all crazy throwing out your clothes out of his house. You are likely to shake hands and go your separate ways in a civilized and honourable manner like mature people. I broke up with my sugar daddy and it was perfectly fine. No drama at all.

No one likes an insecure and jealous boyfriend who bothers with calls and texts messages when you are out having fun with your friends. Dating a sugar daddy, text messages like where are you and what are you doing, you simply won’t have that with a sugar daddy. Should I have a sugar daddy? Yes, he has learned from mistakes he probably made in previous relationships. Sugar daddy will always remember your birthday, relationship anniversary and will always buy you gifts for Christmas, and above all, a sugar daddy will always understand that you need time alone. So should I have a sugar daddy? Yes. There are more advantages than disadvantages.