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Win Your SD Over Through Small Talk

When meeting someone for the first time, small talk is as important as it is unavoidable. It can be the first step to a long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship, though. Do you want to impress your potential sugar daddy with your charm and sympathy? Here’s how:

Stay cool and relaxed

couple having small talk at restaurant

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The success of small talk depends mostly on openness and relaxation. If you get tense, you’ll probably spend most of the time thinking about what you could say next, completely missing what is being said.

Focus on listening, so that the conversation stays interactive. With an honest interest in the interlocutor, the topics will emerge all by themselves. Just take a deep breath, lean back, relax, listen and start chatting.

Ask open questions

girl looking in a inquisitive way

If you want to learn something about the other person, you should ask as many open questions as possible. Questions that can be answered simply with a yes or no will reveal almost nothing about the other person.

However, the aim of the conversation is obviously to find out as much as possible about the person you are talking to and to get to know them better. Therefore, prefer open questions when talking to your sugar daddy for the first time. Another advantage of this is that you don’t have to talk so much yourself. This is an important advantage, especially for all introverts who prefer to listen rather than talk.

Small talk is often annoying, but it can hardly be avoided in everyday life. This also applies to sugar dating. The first date requires at least a short phase of small talk, during which you can find a suitable starting point for conversation.

The best way to quickly leave the standard topics behind is active listening. Then ask a follow-up question. This shows your sincere interest in the other person and quickly leads to deeper conversations.

Consider small talk as a chance to get to know the other person better. If the chemistry is right and you like the other person, let him know. Sprinkling compliments here and there during conversation is a good idea, but overdoing it can easily make a creepy impression.

The power of a smile

woman smiling at man during small talk

It may sound banal, but a friendly smile is the perfect icebreaker. It signals openness and willingness to talk to the other person. Moreover, a nice smile immediately makes you feel better about yourself. If you doubt it, just try it out and you will feel better immediately.

REMEMBER: the situation is also new for the conversation partner, so he’ll probably be a bit nervous too. A smile will take away the tension for both and create a feel-good atmosphere.

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