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Sugar Babe Definition for sugar daddies

If I was asked for my Sugar Babe definition I guess I would describe a younger woman in a relationship with an older man, who is pampered in exchange for companionship. Of course, the Sugar Babe could be a man, but here I am generally referring to rich men (or sugardaddies) and younger women in intergenerational relationships.

Sugar Babe definition

Sugar Babe definition

The Sugar Babe definition is a sensitive area

and open to misinterpretation. A charge of Prostitution is levelled at many sugar babes, but there are key distinctions.

Firstly, the sugar babe is involved in a relationship with her sugar daddy. A prostitute is involved in a transaction with a client. The sugar babe will have an ongoing connection with her date that is more than a cold business exchange, and often monogamous.

Secondly, the Sugar Babe definition should stress that it is a lifestyle choice, not a profession. A sugar babe is selective in who she dates. A prostitute seldom has that luxury.

Sugar Babe definition should underline that sex is not an obligation

but an aspiration. A prostitute is paid mostly for a sexual service and she will treat the client like the job he is. That being said, I would be lying if I did not think that any honest Sugar Babe definition would include a sexual aspect as a high up on the agenda.

Particularly should one ask the sugar daddy.

Of course, if the Sugar Babe is not a prostitute, then equally her rich older man is not simply a cash machine.

Thus, the Sugar Babe definition of many women who would describe themselves as such, would also suggest that they are seeking successful mentors that can further their careers. They have long-term professional goals, and are not just after a quick fix, or immediate financial rewards.
The Sugar Babe definition that matters to those women who are involved in true sugar relationships, is one that encompasses all the above and two more important characteristics. Firstly the non-financial benefits of their relationship with a daddy far outweighed the monetary gains. Secondly the rich man paid for things because he wanted to, not because the object of his affection had put a price on her own head to be met.

Ultimately when seeking a Sugar Babe definition, it is wise to remember people get into it for different reasons.

Good Luck!