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Sugar baby dating rules

Sugar baby dating rules for beginners

You are a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy relationship? Wether for the money or the companionship, you need you be aware of the sugar baby dating rules. The community is not terribly strict, true. However, there are still a few things that are an absolute no go if you are one of the many women looking to become a baby. There are quite a lot of sugar baby dating rules that are well known through the different stages of the relationship. Just remember, even if there are certain rules, do not ever do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Any baby should be able to easily find a daddy for a relationship by playing along with the sugar baby dating rules. There are a few rules that you need to abide by as a baby at each step of the process.

Sugar baby dating rules – finding a baby or a daddy for a relationship

If you are wondering what are the sugar baby dating rules, then it is likely you are new to the idea of being a baby and having a sugar daddy relationship. There are a lot of women you will have to compete with. You need to ensure that you are more savvy to the sugar baby dating rules than them. Try and remember that it isn’t just about the money. No amount of money in the world will help you if you are not compatible to the new man in your life.

Be honest about what you are looking for with your sugar daddy

Sugar baby dating rules

Sugar baby dating rules

One of the main sugar baby dating rules when you first start looking for someone for a sugar dating relationship is to be honest about what you are looking for. Further down the line your relationship will not work if you are not up front. You are looking for something more than just a casual relationship or for someone with a lot more money? Stay true to yourself!

Many women use sugar dating websites to try and find themselves an opportunity to be a baby. This is perfectly fine. There is someone out there for everyone on dating sites. So even if you are just looking to be spoiled with as little strings attached as possible, you will find it. Even if you are totally honest about it, don’t worry!

Don’t lie about who you are

Most women nowadays meet their sugar daddy online, which makes things a lot easier. Have you found yourself being one of the lucky women who scores a date with a mega rich daddy? You have struck gold, but beware of not living up to expectations. If you lie on your dating profile or on one of the first dates, this will soon unravel. One of the main sugar baby dating rules is to be yourself. Have and honest profile picture on the sugar daddy dating site. Also make sure you are open about what you like and don’t like.

Your daddy will also need to follow these sugar baby dating rules. It always works both ways. He certainly shouldn’t lie about how much money he makes or what his family relationship is. Sometimes you can end up being a baby in secret. This is fine as long as he has been honest and you are comfortable with the relationship.

Sugar baby dating rules – when you are in a relationship

Many women get into a relationship and get comfortable and do not tend to then worry about the sugar baby dating rules. If anything, the sugar baby dating rules apply more when you are actually in a relationship. If you are a baby, your daddy will have many women wanting his money, so you cannot drop the ball just because you have managed to bag him after a few dates. As many women ignore the sugar baby dating rules, it gives the daddy a great reason to cheat on his baby and take his money elsewhere. To avoid this, just follow the simple sugar baby dating rules.

Don’t be too clingy with your sugar daddy

If you are both following the rules, you will know exactly what kind of baby you need to be to get some money. Chances are you are not your daddies only relationship, and if everyone has followed the sugar daddy dating rules this should be fine. Don’t waste the opportunity to tap into all of this money by becoming needy or clingy. When your daddy needs to spend time at home give him space. Women in standard relationships tend to do this, and because sugar dating is often on the side, then people get worse than they would if they were seeing someone without money.

If women follow the sugar baby dating rules, they should be giving their man some freedom and being available to him when he needs them to be. There is no point in trying to pretend the relationship isn’t about money when it is, so try not to get too hung up on anything long term.

Be discreet and respect your sugar daddy’s privacy

If you are going to follow the standard sugar baby dating rules then you need to be discreet. If you are a baby who is in a sugar daddy agreement for money, there is going to be a high chance he has a wife and a family. One of the things he will want to keep you in money is for you to exert discretion. If you are going to be one of the women he uses all of his money to spoil, this is the least you can do. As a baby you also need to remember if his wife finds out he has a baby then your gravy train will stop. It is always going to be mutually beneficial to keep secret that you are a baby, even to your friends. It is a small world and he may have friends who are mutual friends with yours.

Enjoy your financial benefits, but don’t be greedy

Remember, as a baby you are getting all of this money and treats for free. If you start to become greedy then this will be the best way for your daddy to decide he wants a relationship with a cheaper baby. One of the most important sugar baby dating rules is to remember that you are being a pampered baby. Everything that you are getting is extra. Therefore, you should treat your daddy with respect.

As a baby, it can also be quite hard to explain to your friends where all of this new stuff and all of these holidays are coming from. If you haven’t told the people close to you that you are now a baby, then explaining this will be difficult. In that case it actually benefits you not to be greedy. As per the sugar baby dating rules, just stay in your lane and be thankful for all of the wonderful things you have received so far.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to

Although you will have had the chat about what you both want, one of the most important sugar baby dating rules is still to not do anything that you don’t want to do. Just because your daddy has showered you with gifts as a baby it does not mean you are obligated to do anything that you don’t want to do or do not feel comfortable doing. Just because you are a baby you are not an object. Your daddy should also adhere to the sugar baby dating rules and have respect for you. If you do start to feel pressured, end your relationship. Explain more clearly to the next daddy how you view the partnership and how you want it to move forward. This is one of the first sugar baby dating rules – being honest.

Be honest with your partner

One of the main rules for being a baby and following the sugar baby dating rules is to be honest with your partner if you have one. The last thing a man like a sugar daddies needs is a jealous boyfriend trying to get revenge on him for spending time with his girlfriend. Times have changed, and there are plenty of people out there now who have liberal views. They will not mind this type of arrangement. The worse thing you can do is lie. So, if you are meeting someone new wait until you are comfortable and let them know this is how you earn your money.

Sugar baby dating rules – after you have broken up

It may not seem like you need to follow any rules when you have broken up with your daddy. However, as a baby that is actively engaged in the sugar dating world it can still benefit you to follow the sugar baby dating rules even if things do not work out between you and your daddy. Don’t be too disappointed. See it as a change to start a whole new sugar daddy story with a generous gentleman! There are lots of things to be mindful of including how much men talk. You may get away with not being the centre of gossip in a large city. You certainly won’t get away with it somewhere small, though. When your daddy and you are no longer an item, there are still sugar baby dating rules that you need to follow.

Don’t bad mouth a past daddy – be discreet

Whatever you say in life about someone else reflect on you, not them. The last thing your newest daddy wants to hear is you totally bad mouthing your previous daddy. All he will be thinking is that this could be him next. Also, anything you say could easily get back to him and hurt his feelings. Don’t make him gossip about you. Sometimes things are just not meant to work out. However, there is no reason for you to be bitter about it.

Give back things if he asks you to

Sugar baby dating rules

Sugar baby dating rules

In a court of law, no matter how the gifts were purchased or why if your daddy had proof of purchase you really wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if he wanted them back. If things go a bit sour, maybe your previous daddy starts asking for all of the stuff back that he got you when you were his baby. It is probably better to just comply. Remember that you will probably be finding someone new soon and be showered with gifts. Therefore it is not even something that you should be worrying about or investing time into.

Don’t be put off

The main thing to remember from the sugar baby dating rules is to not be put off if your relationship doesn’t work out. There are a million reasons why this could happen. It may not always be you. If you have a particularly bad partnership with a daddy, maybe one who has lied to you about either having a family or how much money he makes. It can be easy to just decide to give up the sugar daddy dating game all together. Remember, not everyone will be this untrustworthy.

Many a baby has had a wonderful relationship with a daddy that started off as an arrangement but then went on to marry him. Sugar dating is in effect quite like regular dating in this sense. It may take you a while, and you may have to kiss quite a substantial amount of frogs. Sometimes you will get there. Feelings can develop the more time you spend with each other. There are quite a few babies that fell in love with their daddies. It actually happens more often than you might think.

Have fun with your sugar daddy

Another of the main sugar baby dating rules is to have fun. After all, any kind of dating should be fun, right? With this kind of dating you could get bombarded with gifts, wonderful experiences and wonderful holidays. If it seems to much like work, then maybe you haven’t found the right person. Maybe the way you are trying sugar dating just isn’t for you. There are plenty of ways that you can get into the game so try them all and see what happens. If you don’t get a relationship, you will at least get yourself a few free dinners.

Sugar dating has so many nice perks and benefits. It is also often a great way to earn some extra cash and nice gifts. Find out what works with you, and have fun with your daddy!