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Sugar Baby Etiquette

Sugar Baby Etiquette for Attracting and Retaining Sugar Daddies

It’s a fact that some sugar babies find it easier to attract a sugar daddy. Moreover, after magnetizing the sugar daddy they retain them and enjoy a smooth arrangement. On the other hand, some ladies seem to repel rich men. If as a sugar baby you struggle to be noticed by a sugar daddy, then you have to work on your sugar baby etiquette. You have to know what is expected of you at all times. It’s only the sugar baby etiquette that will make you shine among other ladies.

sugar baby etiquette

sugar baby etiquette

Your sugar baby etiquette should be seen in all areas; be it in a restaurant, while dating, or in your time-saving manners. In the eyes of any sugar daddy, you will be the ideal candidate. The right sugar baby etiquette will ensure that you attract and retain a sugar daddy beyond the first or second date. The following tips should regulate your lifestyle and help you cultivate the required sugar baby etiquette.


Sugar daddy etiquette #1: Be a smooth conversationalist

As a lady of class, make it your sugar baby etiquette to steer the meaningful conversation. You can go through your However this doesn’t imply that you do most of the talking. Don’t major the conversation about yourself. Instead, hone your listening skills on your potential sugar daddy. Rich men admire intelligent babes; let that be reflected in your conversation.

By being a good listener you will be secretly sending a message that you are interested in your rich man. He’ll then enjoy every passing time you spend together while on a date. Never the less you should know the limits of what to talk about. Let it be your sugar baby etiquette rule not to poke into a sugar daddy’s personal affairs. You should neither ask about his work nor his family. Your role on such private matters is being the listening, supportive and empathizing partner.

Sugar baby etiquette: Be secretive so as to gain his trust

Remember one of your sugar baby roles is accompanying your sugar daddy on important business meetings and dealings. Consequently, as a must sugar baby etiquette rule, never let out any of his secrets; keep your sugar daddy’s business and personal matters to your self. Whether you have been introducted to your sugar daddy through a sugar daddy agency or met online, be discreet and respect his privacy.

Every human being is vulnerable and prone to stress. Even rich men are stressed by money related issues. If he is stressed and therefore decides to talk about it, don’t narrate it to a third party; it may go viral. At the initial of your dating period, if you can keep his secrets, he’ll open up to bigger ones. That’s a sure way to gain your sugar daddy’s trust. A beautiful girl who wishes to thrive in the sugar dating must possess this sugar baby etiquette; you have to be trustworthy.


Sugar baby etiquette: A sugar daddy needs an intelligent lady

A sugar baby’s intelligence is noticeable even in her talk. For example, if your sugar daddy business centers on Forex trading, then have a general idea of what it’s all about. Invest your time and money to research the topic. Whenever such a conversation starts you won’t feel out of place. On the contrary, you will make intellectual contributions. Talk passionately about what you know. Make it your sugar baby etiquette to always be interested in your partners business or profession.

It’s obvious that your wealthy man has to provide your allowance. But how do you request for that money or favors, whenever he forgets? Do you ask for the money bluntly and arrogantly? In requesting for your allowance, your sugar baby etiquette of intelligence must be employed.


An obvious sugar baby etiquette; be neat and organized

Time for a sugar daddy date

Time for a sugar daddy date

From the initial meeting and throughout your dating period, give the impression of an orderly and tidy sugar baby, it’s the unwritten code of the sugar baby etiquette. Your neatness should be noticeable even when you book a hotel room or border his vehicle. How do you carry out yourself at the table? When you go to apply makeup by the sink, do you leave it dirty or sparkling? By default a sugar daddy expects her baby to be ever well-groomed and attractive. This sugar baby etiquette has no exception. You must live to that standard. If anything money can’t be an excuse because he finances you.

5. Give your sugar daddy undivided attention, not your phone
Due to the ease of internet access, most people are hooked to the social media pages. However while in the company of your sugar daddy, he needs your undivided attention. Keep your Smartphone away. Don’t stay glued or keep on glancing at your phone. Your sugar daddy will get the impression that either your phone is more important than him, or you have another date to keep. This is common sense and not just sugar baby etiquette.


Sugar daddy etiquette: Be attentive on dates


If you have an urgent message to deliver use the rest room or do it while he is making a call also. The sugar daddy wants to enjoy quality time with you. Occasionally make an eye contact and a warm smile. It will earn you more marks from him.

6. Your dressing and accessories have to match your occasion
The smart babe matches her dressing style to every occasion. Make it your sugar baby etiquette to do some research on your meeting place. For example, your sugar daddy could have called you to meet him in a five stars restaurant. What if you never conducted any research and instead show up in an extremely short skirt?

When choosing your dressing and makeup, emphasize on simplicity but classy outlook.


7. Be confident all the time
To be successful in sugar daddy dating, you have to stay positive about yourself and your job. Being confident, paints on a sugar baby a sexy outlook. Beware of your strength, your assets, and weaknesses. Have confidence in what you are bringing into the arrangement. Therefore the fundamental sugar baby etiquette requires a sugar baby to be proud of her self and take a stand about her allowance.

8. Don’t get drunk while on a date with him
Among the vital sugar baby etiquette rules, this one ranks high; never get drunk on a date. By getting drunk you will surely repel any potential sugar daddy suitors. It is wise to check on your limits. Getting drunk in the presence of your man devalues yourself. Such a lady doesn’t fit the high-end way of life. No man would, therefore, want to waste his precious time dating you; you lack the proper sugar baby etiquette.


Sugar baby etiquette #9: Conduct yourself with dignity

A sugar baby should not only be polite to the sugar daddy but to everyone around her. It doesn’t make sense to be extremely courteous to your man while at the same time showing rudeness to the waiter for example. Learn to use kind words like thank you and please. Go an extra mile to please him and his company from time to time put a smile on his face by holding the door for your man.

10. Put up a challenge, don’t be too easy to get
Having dressed to kill and attracted your potential sugar daddy, step up the game. Show some signs to indicate your interests in him. For example on your first date, during your conversation, you can gently touch him while making appoint. If you wonder “Is sugar daddy good for you?” – well, it also depends on what you make out of it.


Sugar baby etiquette: Be a good listener


While listening, you can lean forward slightly or raise your eyebrows. Let him read your interest o him. Then sit back and wait for him to call you back. The sugar baby etiquette bars you from hunting and frequently calling your guy. Don’t act as if you desperately need him to make your life move on.

Earn sugar daddy money with sugar dating

Earn sugar daddy money with sugar dating

11. Don’t negotiate for an allowance or money on a first date
The initial dating meetings like the first date are all about understanding each other. Concentrate more on showing your worth and just having fun for him. The smart sugar baby etiquette prevents you from demanding for an allowance right from the first meeting. When you do, it gives the impression that you are money hungry.

While on the same issue on the allowance, after having agreed on an amount of money pertaining your allowance stick to the figure. Refrain from asking for more and more from your sugar daddy. On the other hand, you don’t have to burden your man every time with your personal problems. The general expectation on your sugar baby etiquette is to be financially independent. You can even invest in a business to boost you financially. When your rich man realizes that you are financially dependent on him, he’ll have a way of controlling you.

12. Be confident on your allowance proposal
For a sugar baby, one of the prime reasons for sugar dating stems on an allowance. The smart baby must have a definite figure on how much she wants. It isn’t wrong neither does it degrade your sugar baby etiquette. When your sugar daddy asks you to quote your price, don’t be shy to quote your figure.


Sugar baby etiquette: It’s not all about money


Sugar babies remember your allowance is not how much you are worth. Yes, sugar baby money is nice, and it should be one of the nice perks that come with sugar daddy arrangements. However, the self-worth of a human being can’t be quoted in terms of money. To help you constitute your allowance, consider following tips;

• The allowance should be enough to cater for your bills
• The allowance should guarantee you to live a comfortable lifestyle during your dating arrangement
• Research on the financial position or profession of your potential sugar daddy
As a young beautiful lady, your allowance is your right. There are specific duties and roles you have to offer to your sugar daddy. Consequently, you should be paid some money.


Sugar daddy etiquette: leave money arrangements for later


13. You don’t have to justify your allowance amount
Upon proposing your amount or the gifts you expect in return for your services, your sugar daddy might be shocked. A few men might even go overboard and question how you intend to spend all that money. In all your sugar dating life, let it be your fundamental sugar baby etiquette rule not to open up on your expenditure budget. You don’t have to open up on your bills, savings, and debts; it’s your personal life.

When you employ the above sugar baby etiquette in your sugar dating arrangement, you will strongly magnetize your sugar daddy. Employ them right from the first date. As the general unwritten rule of sugar baby etiquette, you must never talk about money issues on your first date. Your main focus then should be to have fun. Determine if you feel anything for your rich man. Make him feel as comfortable as you can.