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Sugar Baby falling in love

What’s to stop a sugar baby falling in love?

Being a sugar baby means you will be spoilt in so many ways and ultimately, feel loved. It is only a matter of time, for many women, that this care and affection shown by a sugar daddy, will lead to a sugar baby falling in love. Who knows, maybe the sugar baby falling in love will become, the wife, if that’s a direction that she wants to go. But even if not, then at least the journey could be even more fun if the extra magic of love is in the air. Those exotic trips to far away places can mean so much more if love has developed.

Sugar Baby falling in love

Sugar baby falling in love – She’s a woman after all, right?

There is nothing wrong with a sugar baby falling in love since she is a woman after all! She has feelings and cannot always control where here emotions take her. Most of the best sugar daddies are experienced men who really know how to make a woman feel special so there is no wonder that she could fall in love with him. Keeping a sugar baby happy involves making her feel special and important. The more a sugar baby feels special the easier it will be for her to fall in love. Although not all sugar babies are created equal. Some sugar babies would not fall in love with their sugar daddy if they were gifted a grand palace and carriage.

The dangers of a sugar baby falling in Love

However, a sugar baby falling in love may not necessarily be good news for anyone, especially the sugar daddy. For the sugar daddy, having a sugar baby falling in love with him could cause him more stress as she may start to put additional pressure on him to see her more often and this will threaten the very nature and convenience of the sugar relationship. A sugar baby falling in love could destroy the mutually beneficial relationship. Which could quickly descend to the miserable state that his marriage is in and which forced him to find a foot loose and fancy free sugar baby in the first place!

For the sugar baby falling in love things could equally be as dangerous. Now, more than ever before, she finds herself worrying about where her sugar daddy is. Is he with his wife or lover? Why has he not been visiting more often and why have they only been out twice this month? Pleasures turn into questions and then anger, sadness and depression seeps in. Oops, you’re in love!