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Sugar Baby Guide – How to find Sugar Baby

Your Ultimate Sugar Baby Guide

A sugar baby is a young and attractive woman who enjoys the company of an older man. Most people mistake sugar babies to be gold diggers, women without morals and uneducated. However, contrary to this belief, a sugar baby is an educated woman with a sense of style and class. She only wants to enjoy life and prefers doing it with an older man.
However, being a sugar baby is not easy. There are many dos and don’ts that you have to take into account.

Sugar Baby Guide

Sugar Baby Guide on the Things to Do

• It is good to talk about your expectations. Be open with your sugar daddy. Let him know what you are comfortable doing and what you are not open to. If you want it to be short term, say it. Talk about everything and have him know what you need him to do for you.
• Your sugar daddy will obviously pamper you with a lot of good things. Show him that you appreciate everything. Whenever he buys you gifts or gives you money, even though it is your right to get it, show some appreciation.
• If he wants the relationship to be discreet, respect that. He might be the kind of man who does not want to put his private relationships out in the open. According to the sugar baby guide, you should honor his wish and keep it discreet.
• You have your comfort level. Respect it. Do not let him pressure you into doing something that you are not ready for. For example, if you do not want to have sex with him, let him, know that from the very first day that you are not going to sleep with him and let that be your sugar baby guide.
• The sugar baby guide recommends that you control your emotions. Give him a drama free and fun experience not adding stress to his life.

The Sugar Baby Guide on the Things Not To Do

• Do not fake it if you are not attracted to him, even if you fake it, someday it will show. You will only get into a miserable relationship. Connect with a man that you are attracted to genuinely.
• The sugar baby guide recommends that you do not turn your sugar daddy into your main source of income. Consider his money like a bonus. Even if he caters for all your needs including your bills, make sure you are in a position to cater for your needs in case the relationship ends.
• Do not have unrealistic expectations. Do not imagine that once you find a sugar daddy all your problems are solved. No first focus on establishing a relationship. It should not always be about the money.
• According to the sugar daddy guide, you should not be afraid to call off the relationship especially if your sugar daddy is not meeting his end of the bargain or if he is disrespecting you.
The above is a simple sugar baby guide who wish to enjoy their sugar dating life.