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Sugar Baby relationship – New information

sugar baby relationship

Sugar baby relationship is relationship that entails a young girl with the need of acquiring quick cash and wealth and thereby hook up with an old men who have wealth and all the riches. The rich old men are known as sugar daddies and the young beautiful girls are known as sugar sugar baby relationship age does not matter since most of the sugar babies are of the age of 18 years and the sugar daddies are of the age 50 and above years. mostly the sugar baby relationship is for companionship, sex in some of the sugar baby relationship is not practiced but in others it is not frequent.

Sugar Baby Relationship

Sugar Baby relationship – looking online

The sugar baby relationship dating sites are mostly online and they are very many, this is where the sugar daddies and the sugar babies get to know each other and introduce themselves to each other and make the sugar baby relationship.The online sugar dating sites require some amount of money from their member, mostly is about 70pounds per month.The sugar baby relationship destroys relationships and happiness in families and young relationship, the sugar daddies are bored by their old wives who cannot satisfy them in bed and they opt to hook up with young girls who can satisfy their needs and also provide companionship to them in exchange for some small amount of money. The sugar baby gets bored with his boyfriend who does not have the wealth to satisfy her needs of getting quick money and therefore decides to hook with an old rich man who satisfies her demands.

This type of relation is a two way relationship which requires both partners to provide something to the relationship. The sugar baby provides companionship and satisfaction in bed while the sugar daddy gives the sugar baby wealth, allowances, college fees, and other goodies. The sugar baby is paid around $7000 the amount of money given to her is measured by the times the sugar baby visits the sugar daddy.
Arrangements for the sugar baby relationship start in the websites and then they start seeing each other frequently. The sugar daddies pay the the sugar babies mostly in cash this is because the sugar babies are in dire need for money.Protected sex is practiced in this relationship. The sugar baby relationship is practiced in secret since most people see the relationship as a disgrace to the society and families see that the relationship destroys many families and should never be practiced. They do not meet at the sugar daddy house, they usually meet at motels or secret place. The sugar relationship in some lasts for a short time but to others it last a lot of time.