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Sugar Baby wish list – what does she want

Sugar baby wish list – ‘I wish, I wish, I wish’ – An introduction

One of thew fun things about becoming a sugar baby, is that the opportunities laid out before you can be great. You may want money, you may want luxury travel, or you may just want sparkling conversation. This article discusses the sugar baby wish list, and what should definitely be included on yours.

Sugar Baby wish list

Sugar baby wish list – Why do I need one?

Every single person will get into sugar dating for their own reasons. I can also guarantee that every single person will have something on their wish list. It is known that sugar daddies do often give out gifts, and give sugar babes a taste of luxury at times. Knowing things that you may want from your sugar daddy is good, as if you don’t ask, then you will never get.

Sugar baby wish list – Dos and dont’s

* Do, have a sugar baby wish list, and do actually write them down so you don’t forget.

* Do be honest with your sugar daddy about your wish list. A sugar relationship will work well on honesty.

* Don’t expect your sugar baby wish list to come true straight away. It may take time for you to get what you want.

* Don’t be too unrealistic! Wishing to fly to the moon, or meet Brad Pitt, may not be the best things to put on there.

Sugar baby wish list – Go on then, what shall I include?

A sugar baby wish list is very personal, and could in theory be anything, but here are a few things you could include.

* Travel – Is there a particular place you have always wanted to go to.
* Money – Is there a debt you wish to pay off?
* Gifts – Some nice clothes, handbags, shoes, jewellery, the list here is endless!
* Dates – A restaurant you have always wanted to try, or a museum you have always wanted to visit.
* Experiences – An African safari, a skydive, or a hot air balloon ride.
* Fun – Your sugar baby wish list can contain anything, so always make sure the things on there are fun!

Sugar baby wish list – The conclusion.

As you have been reading this, I bet you have thought about some things you would put on your own wish list. I know I have! A sugar baby wish list can be anything, so as long as you are not thinking crazy things like, I wish to become Queen, then your imagination is your only limit.

Go, have fun, and remember a wish list can be anything. Well, almost anything anyway!