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Sugar Baby wish list – Sugar Baby desires

sugar baby wish list – introduction

In the sugar baby wish list there are quite a lot of things that the young girls require for there sugar baby wish list. Mostly the sugar daddies have to use some of there wealth to satisfy the sugar baby wish list. At first the sugar baby wish list starts with the sugar daddy giving the sugar baby some little amount of money for shopping or for her to enjoy herself this builds and strengthens the relationship between the sugar baby and the sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby wish list

Sugar baby wish list – the desires are real

In some cases where the sugar baby lands herself a rich man who offers anything, their wish list becomes more expensive. In this cases the sugar baby asks the sugar daddy for expensive things and even sometimes houses and cars. Sugar daddies have to give into the wish list or the sugar baby may leave to another man who has the wealth to satisfy her needs. Where the sugar daddies are not that rich the sugar baby wish list is not very expensive and they may offer the sugar babies some amount of money, some sugar babies earn $2500 to $3000 per month.The amount of money given to them is measured by the frequent time the sugar babies visit the sugar daddies.

In the sugar baby wish list sometimes their companionship may lead to the sugar baby asking the sugar daddy for her to featured or to have a portion of his will, this is because the sugar daddies are usually lonely or in an elderly age which seems a suitable chance for the sugar baby to acquire much wealth from the sugar daddy. This mostly causes chaos in the families in the casein which the sugar daddies have families. This circumstances only occur where the sugar baby has been in a relationship with the sugar daddy for a long time and the bond has grown strong.

For other sugar babies the wish list might entail trips to places where the sugar has never gone to or to places she has wished in her life to be in their life. The sugar baby wish list might vary sometimes when the sugar baby comes from a poor background. The sugar baby might wish for other things like tuition fees, college fees and some self keep money. This type of sugar babies to usually do not ask for expensive things and other goodies from the sugar daddies. The sugar baby wish list mostly has to be fulfilled by the sugar daddy in order for the relationship to continue, but some of the things in the sugar baby wish list cannot be fulfilled because they are extremely extravagant